4 Additional Maintenance Ideas for Your Home Renovation

4 Additional Maintenance Ideas for Your Home Renovation
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    Renovating your home is an exciting opportunity to bring out its latent features or to replace the old with the new.

    In addition to planning for improvements and enhancements, don't overlook the importance of updating your home's maintenance to make it work better and last longer.


Drain Upkeep

Have your home’s drains been professionally cleaned to remove debris and sediment that may be collecting there? Don’t wait for a major backup that will spoil the beautiful effects of your home renovation.

Take a proactive approach by consulting expert drain cleaning pros who can advise you on the best way to clean your household drains or do the work for you. A clean drain will remove water more quickly, help to prevent mold and grime buildup, and reduce or eliminate foul odors.

backpack wall hooksmudroom cabinet

      some mudroom ideas to consider      

Be sure to clean out your drains regularly, especially if you live in a home with a mudroom. You can also get your bathroom drains cleaned out on a schedule also, so be sure to include these rooms too.

You will want to clean these out every 3-6 months or so, more often if needed. Doing this will help your drains last longer and you will have less likelihood of a clog.

Roof Repairs

Check out your roof for problems that can be tackled during your remodeling project. Replace broken or missing shingles. Repair damaged gutters and downspouts. Check the chimney for signs of disrepair, including the chimney cap, and fix everything that needs to be done.

Remove insect nests or nearby trees that give wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, or possums access to your roof. From there, it doesn’t take much for these animals to burrow into your roof or attic and make nests.

If you have any holes or weak spots in your roofing system, be sure to get those patched and fixed up so you do not have any leaks or anything like that. If individual shingles need to be replaced, get that done too.

Be sure to have a partner up there with you so you can be sure to spot anything you might have missed by yourself. 

Foundation Reinforcement

Inspect your home’s foundation to find crumbling mortar or brick as well as deteriorating concrete or gaps that may let bugs or rodents into the basement. Schedule professional tuckpointing to close gaps and repair cracks in the foundational structure.

Make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation to prevent moisture due to rain or melting snow from collecting at the foundation where it can gradually trickle into your home and cause water damage. This may be a good time to replace the basement windows with glass block styles for added security.

drainage systemsdownspout extensions

      some yard drainage ideas to consider      

Electric Update

Contact a licensed electrician to check your home’s electrical system. Ask whether the electric box is up to date and if you have adequate voltage lines for the electric appliances in your home.

Look for indicators of an electrical problem, such as frayed wiring or sparks when plugging in an electric device. An electric checkup with any needed updates can make your home safer. You may also see reduced electric bills.

Make the most of your home’s renovation by taking care of necessary maintenance as well. Your home will function more safely and effectively as a result.

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