Home Maintenance to Consider When You Live in a Humid Climate

Home Maintenance to Consider When You Live in a Humid Climate
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    Dry air is not healthy when breathed in. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the house humid to moisten the air.

    However, when there is too much moisture, like in high humidity areas, it can lead to certain problems.


Your home will likely experience moisture-related damages, which will require repairs to keep your home comfortable. These are some of the home maintenance issues you will need to look for and repair when you live in an area with a humid climate.

Dehumidifier Damage

Living in a highly humid climate will likely mean that you need to invest in a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier helps to eliminate excess moisture in your house. Such moisture can damage your home equipment and encourage mold growth.

Because the dehumidifier will likely be operating most of the day, without proper maintenance, it can quickly become overworked and damaged. It is recommended that you conduct a regular inspection of your dehumidifier.

Damage can occur in various parts of the dehumidifier like the fan, coil, or condenser. Repairs and replacement of these parts would ensure the efficiency of the appliance.

To reduce the need for repairs, regularly unplug the dehumidifier and clean it. You should be wiping down the exterior, the water reservoir, and the air filter. You can clean this with soapy water.

You should also clean the bucket filter with warm water, if your dehumidifier has one. By regularly cleaning these parts of the dehumidifier, it will be far less likely to break down due to being overworked.


High humidity encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Also, it promotes the growth of bacteria that can lead to health hazards.

Some people are allergic to mold and would develop health problems when they live in such a house. Others may have pre-existing conditions, like asthma, that can be exacerbated by mold.

Clean your home thoroughly and often, especially areas with extra water like the bathroom and kitchen. If you notice any mold, look into mold removal and remediation services.

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Peeling Paint

Humid air tends to damage paint and wallpapers. You will notice that the wall paint and the wallpapers in your house start to peel far more quickly than they would in a drier environment.

This happens when wet air condenses on the walls. Peeling paint is even more common on exterior surfaces. Therefore, you should expect to invest in regular painting on your walls when you live in a high humid climate.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are known for their longevity and durability—in fact, they can last 50 years or more. However, high levels of humidity can cause metal to rust faster than it would usually.

This means that if you have a metal roof in a humid area, you’ll want to keep an eye out for rust damage. With time, you will notice rust start to form, even if it is an aluminum or galvanized metal roof.

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Therefore, metal roof replacements would be one of your vital maintenance tasks. This will help protect your home from water damage, pest infestations, and other issues. Such replacements can be done using more reliable metal roofs, like alloys that don’t rust.

Living in a high humid climate can be challenging as the moist air can lead to home damages. However, by following the above maintenance tips, you can identify issues quickly and repair them before it becomes more severe.

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