Helpful Tips to Care for Your Concrete Floor Coatings

Helpful Tips to Care for Your Concrete Floor Coatings
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    Keeping your building clean and sanitized is next to ensuring your occupants' health and safety.

    Some would fall ill most of the time because of contaminated areas due to high traffic.

    One part that you should focus more on is the floor.


You might think that the floor doesn’t need much maintenance with simple sweeping or mopping. However, concrete flooring needs utmost care if you want it to last long and look appealing every day.

Concrete flooring is easy to clean, but it will require your cleaning personnel to look after it most of the time.

Learning the Advantages of Concrete Flooring

Before anything else, it’s best to learn the different advantages of concrete flooring. They can help you understand their importance, convincing you to utilize them in your future construction projects.

Some of the concrete flooring’s main benefits include:

  • Impossible for dirt to get trapped

    One benefit that cleaning personnel like about concrete flooring is that they don’t have to use complicated cleaning methods to maintain the floor. Most concrete floorings don’t have joints, fibers, or grout lines to trap dirt.

    Using a broom might not be enough to get rid of the trapped dirt, which forces the building cleaners to use vacuums or hand brushes.

  • Resistant to stain, water, or abrasion

    Another advantage of concrete flooring is providing resistance to stains, water, and abrasion. However, you can only acquire those benefits if the flooring has proper sealing. Sealing your flooring correctly also provides appeal around your building.

concrete stain colorspolished concrete sealer

      some concrete maintenance to consider      

  • Not needing to reapply sealer every few years

    A time will come when your concrete flooring’s sealant will wear out. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your floor seals wearing out right away because high-quality ones will last you for years.

    You get to save tons of money when you hire a flooring contractor who can correctly apply the floor seals.

Using the Right Floor Care Equipment and Cleaners

Your cleaning personnel should have extensive knowledge of cleaning concrete flooring to ensure proper usage of methods, cleaning equipment, and cleaners. Even if you aren’t directly involved with the cleaning process, learning the most effective equipment and techniques will help you get the best results.

  • Utilizing pH-neutral cleaners

    Concrete floors may be challenging, but they won’t last very long if you keep using floor cleaners containing high traces of chemicals like silicates, hydroxides, or phosphates.

    Your building cleaners should always choose pH-neutral cleaners because they have an actual pH of 6.5 to 7.5, safe for floor seals. Other flooring components like a fire-rated floor hatch can also stay durable since your cleaners don’t expose it to harmful elements.

  • Using microfiber cleaning pads for mops

    Many professional building cleaners use mops with microfiber cleaning pads because they don’t damage concrete floors and floor seals. Microfiber cleaning pads can pick up the tiniest bits of dust or dirt on the concrete floor.

    Cleaners don’t have to mop one area multiple times, which causes minimal to no damage on the floor.

  • Using swing buffers and auto scrubbers in heavy-traffic areas

    Your building cleaners should focus their efforts in areas like lobbies production floors, among others, because they have the heaviest foot traffic.

    The number of feet carrying all types of unwanted dust, dirt, or debris on their shoes will scatter. Some may even stain the floors, and cleaning a significant portion will take time to finish.

    If you want your cleaning personnel to finish as quickly as possible, you can also provide auto scrubbers and swing buffers. An auto scrubber is a machine that replaces the traditional mop and helps the user mop a large portion of the concrete floors right away.

    Cleaners can use the swing buffer to make the concrete floors shiny.

Creating an Easy to Maintain Concrete Flooring

It can become stressful for you and your building cleaners if you keep using the same cleaning methods that take so much time and effort. Finding out the easiest and most effective cleaning methods can lessen the burden on your cleaners.

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Some excellent techniques to achieve easy-to-maintain concrete flooring include:

  • Design your floors by eliminating saw cut patterns. They form narrow grooves on the surface that confines dirt, dust, and other tiny debris.
  • Always follow and never miss the sealing and maintenance schedule for your concrete flooring. Missing one instance can create underlying problems for the floor.

Building maintenance is always a top priority when managing an establishment. A clean and well-sanitized facility is vital to a healthy and conducive environment.

Having concrete flooring can be challenging, but you can easily find your way with the tips above. Always consult with a reputable licensed professional for a more sound and safe decision.

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