Types of Excavation Services Provided By Excavators

Types of Excavation Services Provided By Excavators
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    An excavation company is usually hired as part of construction to help develop roads, bridges, and buildings.

    These companies use heavy machinery for their work.


However, they hand tools when it comes to site layout, so they don’t disturb the dirt/soil any more than is necessary when creating the groundwork for buildings or roads. That process includes ensuring underground utilities are in place before beginning construction/building on top of the land being worked on.

Once the excavators have completed this work, they compact the ground to ensure that it’s flat and even for driving purposes, so all cars can drive equally without any tilting or tipping over.

Here are four main types of excavation services provided by excavators: 


Trenching essentially digging out space for future development. For example, you might need trenches dug to lay down electricity lines or other essential utilities required for your home to function correctly on its new foundation.

It is important to note that trenches do not always require an excavation company. If you know what you’re doing and own equipment like trench drills and buggies, then DIY might be ideal since you will save on the cost of excavation services.

However, if you are not experienced in trenching work or do not have the equipment to complete this work safely and efficiently, you should hire an excavation company rather than try to attempt it by yourself.

Site Preparation

If your area experiences natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etcetera, then you need site preparation. Site preparation includes clearing debris that might be hazardous or impede construction further down the road.

Clearing these areas also allows future development projects to occur without worrying about safety hazards because all dangerous materials have been removed beforehand. That can help reduce insurance costs due to hazardous material removal, so it’s an insurance saving to keep in mind.

Foundation Work

Foundation work is necessary to ensure that future buildings can be constructed safely and efficiently on top of the soil. There are different types of foundations: spread foundations, mat foundations, pier and beam foundations, and pile foundations.

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Each type has specific requirements and specifications that vary according to soil conditions and architects’ preferences. If you need a new foundation for your home, you need to consult a professional excavation company first to properly assess your land and offer a quote for a new foundation.


If you want to build a commercial structure or new home, you will likely require some excavation work beforehand- trenching, site preparation, foundation work, or backfilling. Backfilling is the process of using heavy machinery to place soil back over an excavation site.

Construction companies often do this after they are finished with their work to prepare the land for future development. Having this groundwork already completed before beginning your project can help save on costs and ensure a smooth building process.

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Construction professionals frequently use terms such as backfill, foundation, site preparation, and trenching when discussing projects with each other, so it’s essential to understand them if you plan on hiring an excavation company on your own.

You should also watch out for signs that might indicate whether you need to get your foundation looked at before starting new construction on top of it.

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