3 Super Useful Tools You’ll Still Love After A Renovation

3 Super Useful Tools You’ll Still Love After A Renovation
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    Renovating your home is a huge job, and there are plenty of ways to waste money without realizing it.


For example, every project you take on has a tool list, and homeowners who are new to DIY will often rush out and buy everything listed at a premium cost. A few months later, when the task is done, you might have empty pockets and a basement full of specialty tools you’ll never use again.

Most major hardware stores these days will allow you to rent, rather than buy common power tools which can help you save money. On the other hand, buying good quality tools that you can use in versatile ways is an investment in your home’s future and will help you feel prepared to tackle all your DIY dreams. The basic hand tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, and a wrench, are obvious first purchases when building a great toolbox, but how do you know which other tools to buy and which to rent?

These three tools are the perfect multi-use superstars of home renovation. Whether you budget cash for them in your construction estimate, ask for them as father’s day gifts, or pick them up used at a garage sale, you’ll never regret being able to have these tools on hand at a moment’s notice.

Electric Drill

When you live in an apartment it’s easy to skip the drill and just use a screwdriver and elbow grease to handle small jobs like hanging curtain. Once you own a home, however, you’ll be using your drill all the time.

A cordless rechargeable drill will let you work on both indoor and outdoor problems with ease, but if you’re on a budget, grab a quality corded drill and a long extension cord. With the addition of different bits and attachments, your drill can be used for everything from mixing paint and cement to sanding your floors.

Circular Saw

Any home that has wood floors, trim, or shelves will eventually require a circular saw. While many homeowners start by paying a little extra for the lumber store to make simple cuts for them, investing in this most commonly used saw will give you the ability to cut tile, steel, masonry, and wood at home. Over a few years of home repairs, this saw can pay for itself in savings. Just make sure you purchase safety gear to go along with your saw.

Air Compressor

Air compressors are so versatile, once you have one you’ll find yourself using it so make almost every other project easier and faster. With the air compressor as your base, you can attach a variety of pneumatic tools that have better torque, power, and durability than regular electric tools.

For example, when attached to a nail gun, an air compressor can help you add crown molding or build a tree house in an afternoon with much less arm strain. You can use them in auto repair, carpentry, and even plumbing jobs.

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With just a little regular maintenance, this tool will literally power your home repair arsenal. Be sure to find the best one for your needs before you purchase. When in doubt ask a professional from a company like Kruman equipment company for recommendations.

As a homeowner, your toolbox doesn’t have to look like a hardware store. Buy quality versions of these three tools during your first major renovation project, and you’ll save a ton of money and finish your jobs more effectively. Once you master these adaptable instruments, you’ll be able to fix, improve, and redesign any part of your home you desire.

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