Specialist Tools for Those DIY Home Projects

Specialist Tools for Those DIY Home Projects
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    There are many tools which a DIY enthusiast should have in their toolbox such as a hammer, a wrench and various screwdrivers.

    However, specialist tools can be used for particular projects.


Thankfully, there are many tool hire and rental shops. Here are some of the many tools which can be hired and what DIY project they would be chosen for:


A digger can be used not just by building professionals but for a DIY project. The size of a digger for a home renovation project is much smaller than what a builder would operate on a building site. A digger can make a big hole in a garden where a pond will eventually be. Although a professional garden designer can be hired, a large pond can be made by a homeowner who will have a lot of fun operating a digger.

Lawn mower

If a homeowner doesn’t want to own a lawn mower, they can hire it. There are many types of lawn mowers around. A lawn mower can be pushed whereas bigger models normally have a seat with a steering wheel. If the lawn in a large garden needs to be cut, choose a lawn mower which has a seat. Even if it takes an hour to cut grass, a lawn mower operator will be very comfortable when they are sat down.

Rotary tool

Able to cut surfaces very accurately, a rotary tool can be used for many DIY projects. Although sandpaper can remove rough areas of a wall, this takes a long time. A rotary tool can sand down surfaces to a very high finish. It can also polish dull-looking objects so that they become shinier.


When painting a wall, a brush can be used. However, a roller provides a better finish. This is because the person who is holding it can see the direction that it is moving in. When high walls are being painted, a roller should be hired. In fact, many large walls in a property can be painted quicker when compared to if only a brush was used.


Able to smooth large areas which have a very rough appearance, a sander can transform a dishevelled table or a wall which is about to be painted. Although a plasterer can smooth a wall, a sander can be hired instead.

Angle grinder

When a large metallic structure (such as a shed) is being torn down, hire an angle grinder. The girders that are in a shed have to be cut in order to dismantle them and an angle grinder can provide a clean cut. When using an angle grinder, wear goggles. This is because an angle grinder can cause a lot of sparks.  


When cutting up wood, a handheld saw can be used. However, it can take a while to do so. As an axe is very sharp and has a long handle, a lot of force can be directed onto a piece of wood to produce an accurate cut. If a tree stump is in a garden, chop up its roots. As a result, it will be easier to take out and remove. To chop up smaller items of wood, hire a hand axe. However, for larger pieces of wood, hire an axe which is similar to what Jack Nicholson held in ‘The Shining’.



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