The Best Way To Assess and Unclog Your Main Sewer Line

The Best Way To Assess and Unclog Your Main Sewer Line
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    The first thing to note is that you should never be playing with the main sewer line unless it is your responsibility to do so.

    It is essential to understand that the sewer line running under your property is your responsibility.


However, as soon as it joins the street and the main sewer line, it is the responsibility of the water board.

Playing with the part that belongs to the water board is dangerous as sewage is hazardous to your health. Of course, if you damage it you can also be landed with a large repair bill.

Assessing The Issue

The first sign you have a drain or sewer problem is when the wastewater in your home is draining slowly. You may also find that it is making gurgling noises, a sure sign that normal airflow has been interrupted.

The most common cause of these issues is a clogged drain. The question is, where is the clog?

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You will have an idea of where it is by what is draining slowly. If it is just one sink or appliance then the clog is in the exit pipe from that appliance. However, if all your sinks and appliances are draining slowly you are looking at a clog in the sewer line.

At this point it may be worth checking with your neighbors If they are experiencing similar issues it is likely that the clog is in the main sewer line and you need help from the water board.

Should your neighbors be okay then the clog may be in your sewer pipe before it connects to the mains. It is time to invest in a pipe inspection camera.

This can be slid through the pipes and will give you an image of the condition inside them. It will help you to identify exactly where the clog is.


Dealing With Clogs

Once you have identified the location of the clog you will need to find the closest inspection hatch. The best approach is to lift the hatch and slide drain rods into the sewer pipe. These screw together allowing you to get the desired length. The rods had a special piece on the end to help break the clog up.

However, you should note that when the clog breaks up there will be a pressure imbalance This can result in sewage coming up out of the inspection hatch. Be careful to wear old or protective clothing and keep your face out of the path, you don’t want sewage in your mouth.

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Professional Help

If you are not confident tackling the issue yourself or have been unable to shift the clog then you need to call your local plumbers. They have the experience and equipment to shift any clog without needing to dig up your pipes.

Of course, if the clog is due to your pipe being broken then you will need help deciding the best way to repair it. You still don’t have to dig up your yard as inserts can sometimes be inserted into your pipe.

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