The Cleansing Methodology for A Blocked Sewer Drain

The Cleansing Methodology for A Blocked Sewer Drain
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    It is quite evident that sewer lines perform an indispensable function of transporting waste water from the home to underground sewer mains.

    And it is quite common that we take their maintenance for granted until they develop some kind of clog.


Blocked sewer lines can result in significant damage that can require expensive maintenance to a sewer line or there can arise some requirement for replacement.

However, homeowners who take adequate concern and consider the warning signals and get them repaired on time escape the brunt of heavy plumbing repairs that can halt the entire house’s sewerage functioning till the time the sewage line gets fully repaired.  It’s quite basic that a sewage line or clog can be unseen but it can cause extensive damage to your home. There are some basic signals that can be considered to prevent damage to your sewage lines:

  • Clogged Drain or Toilet
    It is one of the most common high alert red signal to determine a blocked sewer, and is mostly spotted by water coming up out of a drain or there can be a dribbling sound coming out of the drains. So, adequate steps shall be taken to make the clogged drain run smoothly, without any hindrance. And any blocked drains or toilet shall not be taken lightly, as rightly said, prevention is better than cure.
  • Tree Roots
    Tree roots can also be one of the main causes of a clogged sewer line, and this problem persists especially in older homes, where sewer lines are erupted by tree roots. However, in newer homes, the most common sources of clogging can be the feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and paper towels that are discharged inadequately resulting in blockage.

Measures we can take to unblock a blocked sewer drain

There are various ways in which you can make your homes drainage system work adequately and without any hassle. There are certain products that can help you do your job quickly and without much effort.

  • Natural Drain Cleansers
    These cleansers are preferred taking into account environmental and safety reasons. They are the most sought after as they contain organic or natural ingredients and not containing strong chemicals, which in turn are advantageous to the drainage pipes, as natural ingredients don’t damage the pipe and are healthy to the environment.

    It is quite a simple procedure, all you need is a single cup of baking soda that can be poured down the blocked drains and next step is to pour two cups of boiling water and halt for few minutes followed by pouring another cup of baking soda and after it immediately pour one cup of plain white vinegar. You can plug the drain and as you witness ripples and some noise, this is a positive indication of your drain getting cleared. You can repeat this procedure once a month, as this activity ensures that your drain remains unblocked.

  • Chemical Drain Cleansers
    There are many products that are designed to unblock any kind of clogging with the use of chemicals in it. Most commonly these products are available to unblock domestic sinks and pipes. These drain cleaners are capable of dissolving grease and any kind of built up that causes the blockage. Their usage is prescribed and it is always advisable to follow instructions while using the same.

    As they are heavy duty cleansing products, it is necessary to keep in consideration the healthy and safety point of view, as there are different kind of chemicals available ranging from mild chemicals to strong ones, that functions accordingly.

  • Using Plungers
    Plungers have rubber cups that create an air tight seal over the drain opening and when force is applied linearly, the plunger will push in the air trapped in the cup into the drain. This will push the clog out when repeated a couple of times.
  • find a local, top-rated plumbing contractor
  • Drain Snakes
    Drain snakes are long flexible pipes with spring coils within that can be pushed into the drain. By manipulating the drain snake, you can dislodge the clog at the farther end of the drain.

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