Do Your Sewer Lines Need Repairs? How to Check

Do Your Sewer Lines Need Repairs? How to Check
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    The sewer line is a system of pipes that channels the wastewaters to the main sewer system.

    Depending on age, sewer pipes can cause problems.


Dealing with sewer-related problems isn’t that pleasant. But, you should be alert for any sign of malfunction. It is easier to deal with them once they appear. This way, you can have any problem in control and prevent further damage.

These are the signs that there is something wrong with the sewer line!

  • Blockages

    Line blockage is easy to spot. If there is a water backup anytime you use the sink or flush the toilet, this means that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes. This happens usually in the lowest open drain. This requires a pipe cleaning.

    If the backup still exists even after cleaning, then blocked pipes aren’t the main problem. A professional inspection will determine the right cause of the problem.

  • Slow drain

    Before the blockage is formed, you will experience slow draining. This is a very clear sign that a blockage is about to form somewhere in the pipes.

    If the pipes are regularly cleaned but you still see the slow drain, it means that there is a deeper problem such as cracks or tree root intrusion.

  • Sewer odor

    Any signs of sewer odor mean that there is a crack in the pipes. If you feel odor in the whole house, it means that it is time for repair.

    Sewer line issues are one of the expensive and unexpected home repairs that you will encounter as a homeowner.

    Make sure that you have the septic system covered in your sewer line warranty.

  • Mold surfaces

    Mold normally appears on wet spots. If you notice mold somewhere in your home, this can be a sign that the pipes behind the walls might be broken.

    If you notice that the appearance of mold is accompanied by a bad sewer odor, this means that the sewer pipes are the ones to be blamed.

  • Cracks

    An underlying issue with the sewer pipes will become worse with time. If a leak remains unnoticed and happens for a long time, there can be a void in the foundation.

    This can cause foundation cracks or even a sinkhole. If you don’t expect that a leaking sewer line can do so much harm, now you know.

other valuable tips:
  • Pests

    It is no secret that rats live in the city sewer. These creatures can make their way to your pipes. If there is a crack, rats can slip through it. Even the tiniest quarter-sized cracks can be a way out for rats.

    If the pest control won’t solve this problem, it means that there is an entry point somewhere in your sewer line.

    Nasty insects will get to your home easier than rats. If you notice an insect infestation, this means that there are tiny cracks in the sewer line.

    No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they will always come from the cracks. If the problem with pests can’t be solved, you should have a video inspection of the pipes.

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