Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 14: Got a Plugged Drain? How to Get It Flowing Freely Fast

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 14:</span> Got a Plugged Drain? How to Get It Flowing Freely Fast
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    A clogged drainage system is a significant source of stress for any home.

    The most common sources of blocked drainages at home include soap waste, food, hair, and grease.


If left unattended, clogged drainages might damage the appliances, pipes, and other home fixtures. So what do you do if you got a plugged drain?

If you have a clogged kitchen or shower drain, you can use several methods to get the water flowing again. Some of these methods are simple, and you can easily tackle them alone, while others require a plumber’s expertise.

Household Plungers

A plunger might be the first thing that comes to your mind when your shower or kitchen drainage clogs. This is a common household item, and you can purchase it in your local hardware or discount store for a minimal amount.

plumbing plungerplumbing snake

      some clogged plumbing tools to consider      

To use the plunger, you should place it on the drainage area and then apply pressure as you press it up and down. You should repeat this process several times, and to make the plunger work effectively, you can add a little water to the shower, kitchen sink, or toilet.

Pipe Cleaner or a Snake

You can find this equipment from your local plumbing repair shops or home improvement stores. The pipe cleaner or snake can help unclog your kitchen or toilet drainage system.

You should insert the pipe cleaner into your drainage and then twist it to remove the substances causing the clog, such as grease, hair, or soap. A snake can be great when it comes to unblocking pipes. You can pick one of these up at your local hardware store very easily.

Drain Cleaning

If a plunger or a pipe cleaner does not work on your blocked kitchen or toilet drainage, it might be time to call a local plumber. Professional plumbers have the needed expertise and equipment required for drain cleaning.

Therefore, schedule an appointment with a trusted local plumber if you cannot seem to get rid of that stubborn drain blockage. Calling a plumber is the best way to ensure that your drain becomes unblocked. There is always time to unblock your drain for good.

plumbing wrenchplumbing tool kit

      some DYI plumbing tools to consider      

Chemical Solutions

Most of these chemical solutions are available in your local hardware and grocery joints. One of the most common combinations includes common detergents and boiling water, baking soda, vinegar, and salt.

You can combine detergent and three gallons of boiling water and pour it carefully down the clogged drainage. Baking soda and vinegar also work well when you leave the mixture on the clogged drainage for a couple of minutes before flushing the drainage with several cups of boiling water.

It would be best if you always read the label of the product you are purchasing carefully since some products may corrode your plastic plumbing.

Although you can quickly unclog your drainage using the methods mentioned above, it is always wise to seek professional assistance. Therefore, seek the services of a reliable plumber to avoid costly damages to your plumbing fixtures and pipes.

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