Causes Behind Clogging of Drains and Ways to Prevent Blockage

Causes Behind Clogging of Drains and Ways to Prevent Blockage
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    You often may find that the sink takes time to drain.

    Or there is a pool of water under the shower or a foul smell emanating from the kitchen sink.

    All these are the warning signs of a clogged drain.


If you neglect the warnings, then soon you will be facing bigger issues like burst pipes and others that arise due to the drains being completely blocked. Therefore, be wise and take the requisite steps to unclog the drains as soon as you perceive they are clogged.

Some common reasons behind blocking of drains

Blocked drains can be a nasty problem that occurs over time. No matter how much you try to prevent these occurrences, there may be times that you will have to deal with such issues. There are many reasons that cause the clogging of drains. Some of them are described below:

  • Tree roots are one of the common causes behind a clogged drain. Roots in search of moisture enter into the cracks and leaks present in the pipes. Thereafter, they grow in size and cause blockages and prevent the flow of drain water.
    The old concrete or clay sewer pipes are susceptible to such root damage and eventually, crush when the roots grow in diameter. Also, the leaves of plants upon entering the drain can form a big mass that blocks the drain.
  • Hair falling in the showers can be another cause of drain clogging. With time, the hair accumulates, and the buildup can prevent the free flow of water into the drain.
  • Soaps flowing down the shower, laundry drains etc. can, also, accumulate on the walls of the pipes and cause the build-up that can increase and cause blockages as well. 
  • Toiletries like nappies, wipes, etc. should not be flushed into the toilet. These items can swell up in water and can cause the drain to block too. Foreign items, other than, toiletries can, also, fall into the drain and be the reason for the blockages.
  • Usually, when washing utensils in the kitchen, the oil and fat go down in the drain. The grease and fat sticks to the walls of the pipes, causing a buildup that leads to the blockage of the drains.
  • People throw extra food down the kitchen sink and is another major cause of drain blockages.

Some ways to prevent blocking of drain

If care is taken, it is possible to avoid blocking of drains. With little effort and sensibilities, you can prevent incidences of a clogged drain. Blockage of drain occurs due to the irresponsible behavior of people who throw a lot of items down the flush or sink. Avoid the items like:

  • Waste food
  • Plastic bags
  • Sanitary products
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Cooking oil, grease, and fat
  • Cotton wool, buds, pads etc.
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Plaster, cement

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It is possible to clean the soap buildup by switching to soap free washes. You can put toiletries, wipes, nappies, pads, cotton wools etc. in the dustbin, and not inside the toilet.

You can put guards in the shower drains that can prevent the hair from flowing into the drain. Waste can be separated as per the initiatives from local councils.

You can create compost in the garden for your waste food. Keep a tin can for holding the fat and oil which can be kept in the compost; you can look for companies that offer fat traps to prevent the oil and grease from entering the sewer lines. Paint and paint thinners must be taken to recycling centers or disposed of carefully.

Clearing tree roots from the pipes is a complicated process and monitoring their growth is one way to avoid expensive repairs. You can also take steps to replace the old pipes with new ones for preventing blockages as a result of the overgrowth of tree roots, as part of your measures to keep the drains unclogged.

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