Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 07: Top Challenges of Building Your Own Home

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 07:</span> Top Challenges of Building Your Own Home
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    Building your own home from the ground up rather than purchasing an existing property has many attractive advantages.


In addition to being able to customize every element of the house to suit your unique preferences, this venture also has the benefit of owning a brand-new structure, so you likely won’t have to worry about any maintenance or repair issues for quite some time. Plus, you won’t have to participate in any irksome bidding wars or negotiations about the price.

That being said, constructing your own home isn’t exactly a walk in the park. To ensure that you’re prepared for the potentially frustrating—yet rewarding—process, here’s a list of some of the top challenges of building your own home.

Creating a Budget

When designing your own home rather than purchasing an existing property, there are a lot more moving parts—all of which you will need to budget for.

brick veneerclay brick

      some brick wall ideas to consider      

Rather than simply considering the cost of the house and home insurance, you’ll need to budget for the cost of interior finishes such as:

  • countertops and flooring,
  • site work such as inspections and permits,
  • major systems,
  • foundations,
  • exterior finishes, and
  • various other costs of constructing a custom house.

If you aren’t extremely diligent when creating a budget, you may run into some unexpected costs which can completely throw a wrench in the process.

Delays and Setbacks

As previously stated, there are a lot of moving parts involved when building a house. At some point throughout the process, something will likely go wrong or get delayed.

Whether the permits your builder applied for take longer to secure than expected—an extremely common issue—or you come across a bunch of large rocks beneath your land while trying to build the foundation, there will definitely be setbacks.

Those who want to build their own home should prepare themselves to face such frustrating delays at some point throughout the home building process.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

If you think trying to choose between existing homes is hard, try building your own. When building your own house, prepare to make a seemingly endless number of decisions, from choosing a contractor to picking out construction materials.

underfloor heatingsmart thermostat

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Making so many choices can quickly become overwhelming, especially for those that have a more indecisive nature. While building a house allows you to enjoy complete customization, prepare for decision fatigue along the way.

Renting Equipment

If you plan on outsourcing all the construction and landscaping work to a professional, this challenge likely won’t apply to your situation. However, if you intend to do some of the work yourself—such as re-grading the land or removing trees—you will need to rent some equipment.

Before simply renting the first compact machine you see, you’ll have to do some research on the proper attachments, track tread patterns, and operational guidelines for each machine in relation to your application.

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