How to Put Down Tile in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

How to Put Down Tile in Your Bathroom or Kitchen
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    One of the most time-consuming interior renovation tasks is putting down tile.

    While this can be tedious work, it is also one of the best tasks for DIY renovators.


With tile, the biggest issues tend to be preparing the surface and finishing such a big project alone. The thought of putting your own tile flooring down can be intimidating.

There are several tools to gather and steps to remember for installing your tile. Luckily, you can use these easy-to-follow steps to put down tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

Here is what you need to know about putting down tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

Gather Your Supplies

You are going to start by gathering the tile and building supplies you need for your project. The supplies include backer board, tile, grout, mortar, trowels, spacers and a tile saw.

You do not need to purchase expensive products unless you are planning to change the tile often, and you can rent supplies such as the tile saw. Once you have the proper equipment, it’s time to get started.

Prepare the Area

Next, you are going to prepare the area to ensure it is ready for your backer board. The area should be free of dust, debris, loose plywood and exposed or loose nails.

If the area is not ready for the tile, take the time to clean and prepare it as needed. You do not want an unprepared area to cause uneven or damaged tile.

To protect the area from getting dirty again, tape or weigh down plastic sheets to cover places you’ve already cleaned but haven’t had time to tile yet.

Install the Backer Board

Once the area is clean and ready, you can install the backer board. This is essential for creating an even, secure surface for your tile.

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The directions for installing the board should be on the package, and you can use a utility or scoring knife to cut the board as needed. You also want to stagger the board sheets as you put them down, and try to leave a 1/8-inch gap between each board sheet.

Backer boards aren’t too difficult to handle, although it may help you to have another person to set them up evenly.

Install Your Tile

The next step is to install your tile, and you will want to work one row at a time instead of rushing the job. One method is to start putting the tile down from the back wall of the bathroom or kitchen.

Use a tile saw to cut the pieces that would be hidden by permanent fixtures or appliances. Your tile should include instructions for properly putting them down in your space, and it is important to follow the instructions because they are tailored to those specific tiles.

other valuable tips:

Trowel the Grout

Finally, you are going to leave the spacers until the entire floor is dry. Once you remove the spacers, you can start troweling the grout in the gaps between the tiles.

It is important to keep the tile clean during this step because cleaning dust, dirt and debris from dried grout is going to be very difficult.

Once you are finished putting down the tile in your bathroom or kitchen, you can step back and admire a job well done.

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