How To Check The Conditions Of Your Home’s Sewage System Before Doing Major Renovations

How To Check The Conditions Of Your Home’s Sewage System Before Doing Major Renovations
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    It's essential to inspect your home's pipe system before doing major renovations.

    In turn, it'll allow you to identify existing and potential issues, such as pipe leaks and obstructions.


Fixing these concerns after the renovations are complete may lead to additional expenses. Thus, continue reading to know the steps needed to check and maintain your home’s sewage system before a major house renovation project.

Look For Warning And Red Flags

Home sewage systems tend to be underground. Therefore, it might be challenging to look for warnings and safety issues while looking at the system from above ground. So, look around the property for potential warning signs that may put your wellbeing at risk during the inspection.

Some of the signs to look for are:

  • Depressions or soil subsidence
  • Oil or abandoned components
  • Aerated or agitated pipes
  • Unsanitary conditions

Sewage treatment plant installation, inspection, and repair might be challenging and unsafe for many homeowners, especially for untrained individuals. Don’t hesitate to contact industry professionals if you see any warning sign or red flag around your home’s sewage system.

Use Appropriate Gear

Don’t forget to bring the right equipment during the inspection. Ensure that you have the right tools for the job as these items may reduce the risks of potential dangers.

Some of the equipment you might need are:

  • A powerful flashlight
  • Map or blueprint of the sewage system
  • Scrapers and wire brushes to clean manhole rings
  • Leather gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Gas detection devices and early warning gadgets

These items may help you stay safe while inspecting the different sewage system’s different components. If used correctly, you might reap the advantages of a well-maintained sewage system after completing the maintenance.

Inspect The System’s Condition

After checking for warning signs and obtaining the right equipment, it’s time to start inspecting the sewage system’s condition. Note that different systems tend to use different components. Therefore, some steps may vary for each system.

One example is the steel sewage system. As its name implies, most of its components, including the pipes, tend to have a steel construction. Start the maintenance of your steel system by checking the tank. Generally, a steel tank may last about 20 to 25 years.

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The material might show signs of wear and tear after that period. In particular, look for rust as this corrosion might indicate that the container is about to collapse. Consider replacing the steel tank if you see rust corroding the container’s vital areas.

Another example is the concrete sewage system, wherein it uses a concrete tank rather than steel. Unlike steel, concrete doesn’t rust. But, it may still contract certain issues, such as cracks or damaged baffles.

These concerns may lead to groundwater seepage. Note that concrete may last longer than steel with proper care. However, using poor-quality concrete for the system may increase the risk of early wear and tear.

Perform CCTV Camera Inspection

Sometimes, sewage system inspection might do more harm than good to the environment. You may stay green while doing the maintenance by using a CCTV camera. It’s because using this device may not require extensive damage to the property, such as bushes and trees.

Note that you may need special equipment other than the CCTV camera for this process. Contact a company in the sector if you don’t want to spend a significant amount of cash on this endeavor. It’s because some of the equipment needed for a CCTV camera inspection may include:

  • A remote-controlled device to move the camera around the system
  • Early warning devices
  • Monitors
  • A vehicle or cart to load other essential equipment

Additionally, you may need special training to handle these pieces of equipment properly and safely. You might also need extra hands for the job as the camera equipment tend to be quite heavy to lower and raise.

Once you have the necessary gear and training, ensure that you prepare all items needed for this inspection. Then, clean the pipes to reduce obstructions that might be in the camera’s path, as well as inspect and evaluate the system’s condition.

other valuable tips:

Don’t forget to create a written report afterward to document the operation. Failure to document the procedure might make you miss out on valuable points.

The gathered data should help you make the right decisions for the system’s maintenance and repair. Efficiently completing the inspection helps reduce hazards for the upcoming major renovation.

Final Words

In summary, start the inspection process by looking for safety warning signs around the sewage system. Then, acquire appropriate equipment and assess the system’s condition using the correct methods.

You may also use a CCTV camera in this regard. However, if you find this task to be more challenging than intended, don’t hesitate to contact industry professionals from the start.

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