Fretting Over Your Home’s Foundation? 5 Signs Your Concerns Are Valid

Fretting Over Your Home’s Foundation? 5 Signs Your Concerns Are Valid

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    Your home's foundation, as you probably know, is critical to the entire structure of your home.

    If something is wrong with the foundation, then there are noticeable signs throughout the house.


Depending on the severity of the damage, these signs may increase and cause other problems. Because foundation repairs can be costly, it’s best that you have an inspection performed as soon as you notice any of these five signs that your foundation is in trouble.

Cracks in the Floor

For those who have a basement, it may be a wise idea to check on the floors now and then. This area is usually the first indicator that something may be wrong with your foundation. If you notice cracks that seem deep on the floor, then your foundation may be starting to deteriorate.

Cracks On the Walls

Besides just cracks on the floor, if you notice that there are cracks running up the walls, too, then you may be facing some serious foundation problems.

Again, the depth of these cracks can usually indicate just how in trouble that foundation is. The number of cracks, too, can be telling. The more you see, the more you should be worried.

Doors and Windows Sticking

If you notice that it is getting harder to close or open your doors or windows, or that they seem sticky, this might be another sign that your foundation is having some problems. These are weak points in the structure of your home and thus are among the first to feel the strain when the foundation is damaged.

Sunken Floors

Take the time to walk around the basement or ground floor. Does it feel as if any of the floorboards are sinking or sunken when you walk on them? Do you hear a cracking that also sinks when you step in a certain area? While a sunken basement floor could be a sign of several things, one issue it could indicate is a rising foundation, which is caused by soil that has swollen or expanded. Your home may require the installation of a push pier system.

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Nails Popping

This may be harder to notice, but if you examine the drywall and notice that the nails are starting to pull away from the drywall, then your foundation might be damaged. The nail head is usually exposed or may be pushing paint from the wall. Your foundation may be sinking and the pressure is causing the nails to pop out of place.

other valuable tips:

The last thing you want to deal with is major issues related to your foundation. Because the structure of your home largely depends upon your foundation, it’s important that you seek repairs at the first sign of damage. This can also greatly reduce the cost in the event that the damage is stopped before it can expand. These five signs can help you determine if your home requires foundation repairs or not.

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