4 Reasons to Change Your Roofing Material

4 Reasons to Change Your Roofing Material
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    In many cases, when it's time to replace your roof, the best option is to use the same material that was used previously.

    However, there are times when changing to a new roofing material makes the most sense.


By understanding what your needs are, you can determine if it’s time for a new direction when it comes to your roof. As a starting point, here are four reasons to change your roofing material that are worth considering.

Update Your Home’s Exterior

Your roof plays a major role in the overall look of the exterior of your home. Therefore, if you want to change that look, then changing to a new roofing material is a great option.

For a farmhouse look, you can add a metal roof or a roof made from cedar shakes. For a more tropical look, you can add adobe tiles. As long as the roofing material is compatible with the local climate, you can let your imagination run wild.

Increase Your Home Energy-Efficiency

Black asphalt shingles, though effective at keeping out moisture, aren’t very energy-efficient. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, then your roof is a great place to start.

Roofs made from metal and tile tend to be better at reflecting the heat from the sun so that it isn’t absorbed into your home. For extreme energy-efficiency, you can opt to go with a green roof that includes different varieties of plant.

If your roof faces the correct direction, you can also have solar panels installed to generate energy for your home. These have great long-term benefits and can save you a lot of money when installed correctly and in accommodating climates.

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      some roofing inspection ideas to consider      

For Added Strength

Though asphalt shingles are quite durable, they’re not always the best choice for a given climate. For example, if it’s especially windy where you live, a heavier roofing material, such as metal or tile, could be a better option.

Metal roofs also make a great option for snowy climates since it’s easier for the snow to slide off the roof instead of weighing the building down. Metal roofs are also easy to install because you can have them put over the old roofing material, rather than tearing down and rebuilding entirely.

For Increased Durability

The sun, wind, rain, and other elements certainly take their toll on your roof. For most roof types, this constant abuse will eventually result in necessary replacement.

For some roof types, though, this replacement may not be necessary during your lifetime. Slate roofs, for example, can last up to 200 years, which is a significant upgrade over the expected 20-year lifespan of most asphalt shingles.

By planning ahead, you can provide a durable roof for many generations of future owners of your home. Of course, even with the increased durability, you’ll want to do yearly checks of your roof for any leaks, cracks, or other problems with the shingles to make sure that problems are caught early.

other valuable tips:

The key to getting the most out of any roofing material is to ensure that it’s installed correctly. If there are any problems with the installation, even the most durable roofing materials will be no match for the elements they’re exposed to.

However, a quality roof installation can potentially help squeeze a few extra years out of even the lowest-end materials. Therefore, it’s important to choose a quality roofing contractor to take care of this important part of your home.

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