Cool Roofing in Hot Climates: Options to Consider

Cool Roofing in Hot Climates: Options to Consider
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    There's no avoiding the sun but some areas are subjected to harsher rays than others.

    If you're living in one of those areas and you're looking for a way to beat the heat, you should consider cool roofing. What's that?


A cool roof is one that effectively bounces back heat from the sun to limit heat absorption as much as possible, while easily shedding whatever it does absorb. As cool roofing keeps heat absorbed to a minimum, this means heat transferred to the rest of your home will be kept at bay as well.

Energy 101: Cool Roofs:

Available Options

How effective a cool roof will be is generally guided by certain factors, like material and color. Some roofing materials and lighter-colored roofs are more naturally reflective than others, for instance, so that makes them more ideal for cool roofing. Exact cool roofing options available to you will depend on what your contractor carries but some of the options you can take into consideration include:


Metal Roofing

Sounds counter-intuitive as a cool roofing option as the material naturally absorbs heat. However, metal also sheds heat fast, limiting the amount of heat that is transferred to your home. Choose white or light colors for best results.

Membrane Roofing

Can effectively prevent heat from the sun from being absorbed into a structure on its own but reflective abilities can be improved depending on aggregate surfacing used. Choose white or light-colored coating for best results.


Tile Roofing

Materials like clay naturally don’t hold a lot of heat and that’s why they are commonly used in regions in the U.S. and many parts of the world, like Italy, Mexico and Spain, that receive a lot of sunshine. Choose white or light colors for best results. Opt for white flat concrete tile and you can enjoy having up to 77% of rays from the sun reflected from your roof.

Roof Coating

A great option if you want to take advantage of cool roofing but don’t want a replacement because your existing roof is still in perfect condition. They can be applied on any type of roof surface and can add years to a roof’s service life on top of effectively reflecting back heat.

There are other roofing materials that you want to view:

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Cool Asphalt Shingles

Traditionally, asphalt shingles are not rated as a cool roofing option. However, some manufacturers have started offering the roofing material as a cool roof by incorporating more reflective granules into their products. This means that even dark-colored asphalt shingles can be considered cool roofing as long as they are made with highly reflective granules.

Cool Roofing Installation

Installation requirements will generally be dictated by the kind of cool roofing you choose. Whatever you choose, make sure you entrust the installation job to a professional to guarantee that it’s done right. Proper installation will allow your cool roof to perform as it should, allowing you to make the most out of your investment.

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