Sunday Morning Tip for September 27: 5 Things That Can Help You with the Planning of Your Remodel

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for September 27:</span> 5 Things That Can Help You with the Planning of Your Remodel
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    Remodeling a home can often turn out to be a huge endeavor.

    The project can easily go over-budget. It may drag on and on past your scheduled end-date.

    Every part of the remodel project may end up not as you originally envisioned it.


Overall, to avoid such problems, you need as much help as you can get. With that in mind, below are five things that can help with the planning of your remodel, so the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Spreadsheet Software

The most common problem faced by home remodelers is going over budget. For many, they may have ended up spending far more than they wished at the onset. Overall, it’s up to you, the homeowner, to prevent this from happening. This is going to require some math.

Make sure you have a spreadsheet file saved that computes every single cost involved. If you know the numbers, you’re far less likely to waste your money. Budgeting over your costs can also help you cover unanticipated expenses, which can come up, even in the most meticulously planned project.

A Calendar

Thorough planning for a remodeling project also requires knowing the full scope of the timeline of the project. For this, you need an actual calendar with dates marked for specific work to be started or completed. A physical printed calendar may work best.

spreadsheet softwarescheduling calendar

      some planning your remodel ideas to consider      

You will want to follow the lead of the contractors. You don’t want to set unreasonable expectations for them, and you want to know accurately when projects will be finished. If your project is ambitious, you might want to set up stages for each part over a longer period of time.

3D Rendering Software

Having a finished remodeling project that actually accurately reflects your original ideas and goals can also be quite difficult to achieve. You can help to prevent this problem by leaving very little wiggle room in your designs that will be used by contractors or others to complete the project.

Overall, 3D rendering software is the best bet in regard to providing the most detail in three dimensions. Find a SketchUp rendering plugin relevant to home remodeling to complete your design.

Thorough Contracts

Contractors not doing the work as planned is another issue that can ruin home remodeling projects. Overall, you need to take control of the contracting process.

Make sure the contracts you actually use are as thorough and detailed as possible to make your desires as clear as possible. The more specific the agreements, the better. Keep in mind that you, probably, don’t know as much as the contractor does and that you’ll want a contract that is fair to both parties.

building codes illustratedremodeling design software

      some key remodeling points to consider      


In certain localities, you may not even be legally allowed to start your remodeling project without certain conditions being met first. Sometimes, you will have to obtain permits from the local government to begin the project. Make sure all required permits have been acquired well before your start date.

Overall, preparation is key for a successful remodeling project. This includes preparation in regard to design work, budgeting, scheduling, obtaining the correct permits, drafting contracts and more. If you put in the right amount of work with an eye for the fine details, you should manage to avoid most of the common problems people experience with remodeling projects.

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