Fastest Remodels You Can Do On an Older House

Fastest Remodels You Can Do On an Older House
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    Not every home remodeling project needs to be a huge investment that requires hundreds of hours of work.

    Even minor weekend work could improve the value of your property, and make your home more comfortable to live in.


Take a look at these simple remodeling options and what you can do to carry them out as quickly as possible.

Exterior Painting

Unlike interior painting that often requires a homeowner to pull out furniture, cover floors, and do hours of taping, exterior painting can generally be completed in just a few hours with minimal prep work. If the old paint must be removed, then contact a professional to test the paint for lead. Stripping lead paint without the correct protective gear can be extremely dangerous.

Update Lights and Light Fixtures

Updating the lighting in an old home can give it a breath of new life. Even more appealing is the fact that this project can be carried out without a professional, and in just a few hours. Upgrading to high-efficiency lights has the added bonus of cutting down on your home’s energy consumption. Taking your old light fixtures to the hardware store will ensure you get the correct size so you don’t need to drill additional holes or run more wire.

Window Treatments

New window treatments and windows will not only increase the value of your property, but could also improve the efficiency of your home quite a bit. The Department of Energy estimates that American families waste nearly $35 billion on energy that is lost through older windows. Some minor changes such as adding new curtains will most likely not require much work, but those looking to change out their windows completely should contact a professional window installation company like Five Star Windows Inc.


Older homes are notorious for insulation problems with cracks, drafts, and pinholes leaking throughout the building. The first step in this process is to grab a caulking gun and fill it with clear caulking to seal up visible cracks along walls, floors, and the ceiling. You should then inspect the insulation in your attic and crawlspaces to see if it is ready to be changed. It should be changed as soon as the floor joists in your attic become visible. Insulation rolls and mats are often quicker to put in place, but blow-in insulation is much more efficient.

Remodeling older home can be fun … if you have the right ideas on what you want to do. Let’s start with the kitchen. Give this article a quick comment/share and then jump over to our kitchen remodeling center for some ideas.

Hopefully, these few remodeling ideas and tips will give you some upcoming projects to make your home as attractive, efficient, and valuable as possible



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