Selling Your Home? Home Improvements & Repairs to Avoid

Selling Your Home? Home Improvements & Repairs to Avoid
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    Every savvy home seller understands the advantages of renovating a home before sale.

    Home improvements will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but will also raise its value.


Nonetheless, it’s imperative to make a wise selection when it comes to home improvements. Some upgrades are more valuable than others, and there are some that you’ll have to forgo.

Here are home improvements to avoid when selling a home:

1. DIY renovations

DIY can save you a lot of money on home upgrades. But, it doesn’t work for intricate updates. Most brokerage firms list the homes for sale in the neighborhood. Visit sites like, and check the features of the listed homes.

 You’ll realize that buyers love homes with a professional touch. To get the best value for your home, engage an expert on critical tasks like tiling and bathroom repairs.

These require more detailed attention, and DIY fixes won’t work.

2. Overdoing the rooms

The rooms in your home serve different purposes. These are, for instance, study room, library, prayer room, and more. Avoid permanent improvements, and this enables to modify the space to match their needs.

If buyers feel that they will use lots of time and money, converting the area to its original purpose, they are unlikely t buy your property.

The same rule applies to rooms with a lot of color, wallpaper, and personality. Don’t be too personal with your choice of colors.

Neutralize everything before putting up your home for sale. Moreover, avoid upgrading your rooms to match your hobby and taste.

3. Replacing flooring

Even after owning a home for years, you’ll surely want to give buyers the impression that your home is as good as new. Your flooring will, at some point, lose its magic and require some upgrades. But, there are a few things that you can do to you flooring to give it a lustrous look without spending much.

For instance, if your wood floor looks dull, why not give it a though leaning, buffing, and a new finish? If it still appears won, try refinishing it for better results. Replacing the flooring should be your last option, and if you must do it, try to limit your budget as much as possible.

Other rooms like the laundry and powder room don’t require expensive flooring. Avoid hardwood and consider laminates, which cost less, and still give excellent results.

4. Wall-to-wall carpeting

If you have to replace the flooring in your home, consider a hard surface like wood flooring or tile. Carpeting puts off most buyers, and may not be ideal for anyone selling a home.

5. Costly home appliances

Some buyers prefer not to move with their appliances. As such, they seek homes with home appliances that can serve them in the new house. If you’re planning to replace the gadgets, consider reasonably priced ones.

tv monitorwall monitor mount

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Avoid very costly or stylized devices. For instance, stainless steel home appliances are high-quality and cost-effective. If your home goes well with a different style, loom for something that will do just that- but at a lower cost.

6. Bathroom repairs- Don’t go trendy!

The bathroom is one of those places that buyers pay a lot of consideration when viewing a home. Your bathroom should be spacious, well lit, and stylish. What about the cost of upgrades? You’ll find affordable and stylish faucets, sinks, lighting fixtures in most stores.

You can always get something to match the theme of your bathroom but at a reasonable cost. Avoid being trendy! Such sinks and faucet may appeal to you but won’t excite a wide range of potential buyers.

7. Room conversions

Room conversions are tricky. You may want a home office, but it isn’t wise to convert a bedroom into a study space. If the process requires you to remove closets and storage spaces, it can be costly. It will also change the entire look or look out of place. Most buyers prefer rooms that they can use with the original intended propose.

8. Overdoing your décor

Avoid very bright colors and dated styles. Go for a contemporary look and anything else that may appeal to a wide range of buyers. To achieve this, consider the staging rules below:

  • Opt for neutral colors for all the walls
  • Declutter and cut on the furniture in your rooms
  • Leave lots of space for buyers to walk freely
  • Avoid personal photos and collections on the walls
  • Remove evidence of pets
  • Put on all the lights
  • Remove garbage and kitchen clutter
other valuable tips:

Final thoughts

Go for upgrades that appeal to many buyers, and that will make the new owner more comfortable. Get a list of the homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. Check the upgrades, and use this to guide on what to do or avoid. Besides, you don’t want to spend on costly upgrades and not gain much from the sale of your property.

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