Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling It?

Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling It?
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    There is no clear-cut answer to the question of whether or not you should renovate your home before selling it.

    There are cases in which renovation would be beneficial or even necessary.


There are other cases in which it would be a waste of money to make any upgrades. If you’re wondering whether renovating your home would be worthwhile, consider the following checklist of questions. The answers could help guide you in your decision about whether or not to make renovations before your sale.

1. Is the Home Move-In Ready?

If your home is move-in ready, there’s no urgent need to make further renovations. If the home needs less than $5,000 US worth of repairs to be made move-in ready, it is usually worthwhile to make the needed renovations prior to listing the home for sale. On average, homes needing several thousand dollars’ worth of repairs sell for about $15,000 less than they would otherwise.

2. Is the Local Area Currently a Hot Real Estate Market?

At times when the local real estate market is slow, renovations may be necessary to sell a home that isn’t already comparable to others nearby. In a hot real estate market where demand exceeds supply, renovations are not as critical.

3. Is the Home Comparable to Others in the Neighborhood?

If the answer to this question is “yes”, it’s wise to hold back on making renovations. If the answer is “no”, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to renovate. However, renovation may be worthwhile.

It’s ideal if your home is as nice as all the others in the neighborhood, but not nicer to any significant degree. Here’s an example. Many of the luxury homes available through RE/MAX Heritage Properties – Cynthia Ruggiero have mudrooms, trendy new kitchens, granite countertops, attached garages and spacious patios. If you want to sell a home in this area, finding a buyer could prove to be challenging if your home lacks these features. If your kitchen is outdated and has cheap laminate countertops, it may be necessary for you to perform renovations to be competitive with the other homes in the area.

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However, you probably wouldn’t want to perform the same sorts of high-end renovations on your home if it were located in the Trenton, New Jersey area. Homes in the Trenton area are valued lower overall, and real estate experts say that it’s best to avoid over-improving for a home’s neighborhood. You might not recoup any upfront investments you would make on features like garage additions and expensive granite countertops.

4. Does the Home Have Customizations That Could Limit the Buyer Pool?

Does your home have purple carpeting installed on the entire first floor? This is an example of a customization that could limit the buyer pool. Most buyers want neutral flooring that would match their furnishings. Installing new flooring could be beneficial for making a home sale.

We hope these questions are helpful to you in determining whether or not you should renovate your home before you put it up for sale. As you can see, renovation can be worthwhile but isn’t always obligatory.

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