10 Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home Fast

10 Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home Fast
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    Selling a home is no simple feat, especially since flipping houses could spell trouble for the market in the near future.

    Competing against professional flippers is hard enough.


Although sentiments around the housing market are on a high note, that doesn’t mean selling your house can be done easily or on your own. Selling a house takes time, energy, and a bit of creativity, but it can be done with little pain to your wallet.

Here are ten tips on how to sell your home fast and without any financial losses.

1) Choose the right time to sell

The first thing any seller should do is decide on the right time to sell their home. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’d be a nightmare situation if a seller spent hundreds on amping up their curb appeal, only to stay in their house because of work, family, or financial reasons.

2) Find an agent or company

Though not everyone uses an agent, it’s smart to rely on their advice and experience. A real estate agent with a good track record knows how to think like buyers and entice them in ways that you as a new seller don’t know how to.

Alternatively, you can find a company that specializes in buying and selling property in your area. You can search Google for nearby businesses by looking up phrases like “we buy houses San Francisco”.

3) Contemplate listing prices

Being realistic about listing prices is very important, as no one will overpay for a property. Yes, every seller wants to see a return on their home investment, meaning they want to walk away with some cash so buying that initial home is not a total loss.

However, pricing it too low could get you in financial qualms, since you need to pay off any remaining debts on your mortgage to sell this house. Finding that sweet spot of being able to pay off the mortgage and walk away with a little extra cash is ideal.

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4) Budget for staging

As you prepare to put your house on the market, be sure to budget a bit of money for cleaning up and staging your home appropriately. Many realtors will help with internal furniture, but if you find yourself with extra cash, put it towards a new paint job or some gardening.

You can also use that as an excuse to bump up the price of the house. A roof replacement cost could add a couple thousand to the total price of your home.

5) “Alexa, is this a smart house?”

Keeping up with the latest in home technology is one way to entice more potential buyers. No one is interested in a home that doesn’t come with the most up-to-date kitchen appliances.

And being able to ask questions to personal AI assistants (like Siri or Alexa) while cooking or playing games with the family is a perk that many potential buyers may be looking for.

6) Advertise local perks

Another way to entice potential buyers is to advertise local opportunities and activities. For instance, the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau has a “Take the LAN150 Challenge” in which any new Michigander would love to partake.

7) Host a photo shoot

New home postings without photographs are sketchy and a serious turn-off for potential buyers. Go the extra mile and take nice, professional photographs of your home after refining it with a new paint job. This will gather the attention of more buyers.

8) Promote your house

Promote your home on social media and to your friends. This will give you a wider audience of people who may be looking for their next home but have not quite found the perfect fit. And your friends might have other friends who might be interested.

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9) Think like a buyer

Ultimately, you want to think like a buyer if you hope to successfully sell your home. When you first bought your home, what were you looking for and what excited you? Upgrade that to fit with our times and execute strategies to fit the needs of current buyers.

10) Consider rental and selling sites

If all else fails, try uploading your home at a discounted rate or as a rental on convenient and quick sites like Zillow. These sites open up your sale to a wide audience of plenty of potential buyers or renters.

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