Making Your Home in a Flood-Prone Area Appealing to Buyers

Making Your Home in a Flood-Prone Area Appealing to Buyers
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    The truth is that some homes are built in areas that are prone to turbulent weather.

    For example, you may be living in a flood plain or other similar area that puts your property at risk when floods or tornadoes strike.


Despite the risks involved in such areas, properties still need to be bought and sold. If you’re looking to put your property on the real estate market and you live in a flood-prone area, there are certain strategies you can use to appeal to buyers.

Just because the home is in a flood plain doesn’t mean that no one wants to live there. To appeal to potential buyers, keep the following tips in mind.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The mistake that most sellers in flood-prone areas make is to try to conceal information. Buyers will often ask upfront questions regarding the risks involved with living in such areas. This is especially true for people who are moving in from out of state.

The best approach you can use as a seller is to be open and honest with information. Inform the buyer of the potential risks involved and the steps they can take to mitigate those risks. Buyers will then have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Inform the Buyer of Steps You’ve Taken

There are steps that are typically taken to ensure homes in flood plains are protected during inclement weather. Inform the buyer about specific steps you’ve taken, such as installing hurricane-proof windows, purchasing flood insurance, anything you might have done to repair or reinforce the residential gutters, and anchoring outdoor equipment (such as water tanks and air conditioners).

Work on the landscape in advance

Before you place your property on the market, carry out basic landscaping work that will show the buyer your commitment to mitigating risk. For example, the yard should slope away from the home in order to prevent stagnant water from accumulating on the property. In addition, domestic sewer lines and other outdoor supplies should be strengthened against water damage.

sump pumpsbasement waterproofing

      some basement flooding prevention ideas to consider      

You should also have your water tank raised above the ground and your gutters in good condition to properly channel rainwater. Curb appeal plays an important role in enticing buyers, and you can use this to your advantage regardless of location.

A little distraction can help

The risk of flooding shouldn’t be the only thing on a buyer’s mind. Try to entice them with other positive features of the home, such as the quality of walls and floors, the size of the property and the location. If your home is located near a lake or ocean, provide the buyer with information regarding boating activities, fishing, and other water sports.

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It is possible to have a happy and stable home even if the area might be a bit crazier than most people prefer, and that’s something that you should capitalize on when trying to sell your home.

You can also take steps to improve your home and anything that might both protect the house better and make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. All in all, it is possible to sell your home, you just have to take the necessary steps.

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