Solutions for Detecting Leaks In Your California (Or Other Area) Home

Solutions for Detecting Leaks In Your California (Or Other Area) Home
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    Leaks can happen in your home and get enclosed in your foundation.

    Some leaks are not visible to our naked eye, and if they are visible, pinpointing to the location the leak is coming from can be a difficult task.


Most repair companies have the equipment that detects leaks and promptly deal with them. With just a few hours, you will have your regular plumbing system running.

What Leads To Leaks

Your house piping system is designed to handle the water running through it without causing any leakages. However, some factors that are more likely to increase the chances of leakages happening in your house over time. Some of the factors that are likely to lead to leakages are;

  • 1. Pipe Joints

    Joints account for most leaks that occur in the house. They are more likely to wear down due to the water turbulence, which causes them to swirl. Joints are also vulnerable as they are the connecting place of the pipes. Thus they are hit by the highest pressure.

  • 2. Hard Water

    The kind of water running through your plumbing system can also be the reason behind your leaks. Hard water typically contains a lot of heavy minerals that can quickly erode the water pipes.

    The high ph in the water increases the effect of corrosion while the acidity weakens up the pipes lining, making them more subjected to wear and tear. The coarse minerals in the hard water can be the reason for the leaks in your home.

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  • 3. High Water Pressure

    Water that is pumped in your house may be under very high pressure. Thus it runs in your piping system under very high velocity. The pipes may handle the increased pressure, but with time, the lines can gradually become worn out. The higher the force, the more tearing down of the pipes which eventually leads to leakage.

  • 4. Natural Disaster

    Natural disasters like earthquakes, which are prevalent in California, may cause the house to shift. The shifting leads to pipes relocating, and this can cause leaks.

  • 5. Poor Wrapping

    During installation, the original plumber may wrap the pipes poorly and with time due to the high pressure the warpings tear leading to leaks.

How to Know If There Is A Leak Into Your Home

Leaks can happen in the most hidden place of your home. They can go unnoticed for a long time, which leads to increased repair costs. Some of the ways you can know if you have any leaks in your house include the following:

  • High Water Bills:

    Most water bills tend to be within a specific range each month. It is essential to check your water bill every month, and if you notice a high hike in the account without any explainable reason, you could have leaks in your house.

  • Low Water Pressure:

    If your water pressure is low for an extended period, it could be because of a leak. Leaks can lead to loss of pressure, and if you notice consistent pressure loss, you can call a slab leak repair.

  • Discoloration on Your Walls:

    Logged water tends to discolor the walls and damage the material used to build the wall. Off spot colors in your walls can be an indication of leaks.

  • Warped Carpet or Floorboards:

    Water can damage the walls leading to cracks, and this moisture can enter your house. The moisture can lead to your home floor or carpet feeling moist or wet.

  • Mold and Mildew Growth:

    This can be one of the surest indications of leaks in your house. Molds grow in areas that have excess moisture, and if your home has leaks, molds are likely to develop.

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How to Detect a Leak

You can detect a leak without calling a repair company by checking your meter readings. To conduct this exercise successfully, ensure that all taps in the house are closed, and there is no running water in the house.

Secondly, check the meter reading and write the readings down then wait for about 30 minutes without opening the taps. After half an hour, check the readings and if they have changed, the chances of a leak in your house are high, and you can now proceed to call for a slab leak repair in Orange County.

Slab Leak Repair Options

There are three ways that a slab can be repaired. The extent of leaks will determine the method to be used and the costs that you are likely to incur. A turned and certified professional should be able to repair the damage using either these options successfully.

Epoxy Restoration

It is the easiest and the cheapest type of slab damage repair. It usually works on early detected leaks that have not spread over the walls. It involves a profession making access holes in the foundation where the leak has happened and then repairing the leaks through the holes. If the plumber is well trained, the leak should be well fixed, but it is not a guaranteed permanent solution.

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This method is best used on houses that have several slabs leaks. The plumber installs a new piping system instead of repairing just a section of the system. The old leaking system is removed and the new system installed. This is a permanent solution to a leaking old house, and it is cheaper compared to pipe-rerouting.

Pipe Rerouting

This repair is considered when the leaks are so extensive that the walls and the floors are entirely damaged. This method is expensive as it involves demolishing the slabs to change the route of the pipes.

It consists of a lot of labor, and a trained professional plumber is needed to do the work. This option is being expensive, but it offers a permanent solution to water leaks.

Slab leaks can happen in the most hidden areas of the house, and they can go undetected over time. It is crucial to seek professional help if you notice any of the signs of slab leaks.

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