Electricity can be Electrifying, but You can do It!

Electricity can be Electrifying, but You can do It!
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    Electricity is what its name implies; electrifying and amazing, yet also daunting.

    In the 1750s, Benjamin Franklin was obviously a brave yet also crazy man to conduct the kite experiment and live through it.


The electricity that runs through us and across the world is definitely mysterious and extreme. Therefore, when faced with the idea of wiring your own home or adding onto existing wires, the task can be scary and intimidating. However, following the necessary safety precautions and careful steps can turn wiring into an achievable task.

Safety: Before you Begin

1) It is extremely important that you turn off the power to the area you are working in. This is done by turning off the necessary breaker on your electrical box. Typically, the breaker is labelled room by room or by specific switches.

2) You must obtain a permit from your local city or town and when the work is done, ensure that you have it inspected to prevent future problems. As always, consult an Electrician is you are unsure about anything.

3) Ensure that you have the tools and all the necessary supplies you need to avoid interruptions of running to the local hardware store.

Household Wiring Set-up

All home circuits are made up of four components. These include: Power (Mains Voltage), the load, switch and conductor. The Power or Mains has two paths: the Incoming and Outgoing or Neutral path. There is a third path which in comprised of the ground path. The purpose of this third path is to absorb any residual or stray electrical leaks caused by appliances such as electric irons or fridges. Ultimately, this third path is to keep you and your family safe; to avoid shock and possible fires.

Basic Residential Wiring:

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DIY Wiring

Whether you want to wire a socket or a lamp and a switch, add to existing wiring or put in your own switch boxes, it is important to draw a diagram first. Below is a wiring diagram of light switch.

(Retrieved from http://ask-the-electrician.com/diagram-electrical-wiring.html)
This diagram shows the wires involved in a switch and the connections need to make a complete circuit. There are numerous websites that can be found through a simple Google search, that provide step-by-step explanations, along with pictures depending on the wiring job you want to achieve. Here is a list of some helpful sites:

➢ www.brighthubengineering.com
➢ http://ask-the-electrician.com
➢ familyhandyman.com

As a reminder, always cut the power supply and consult a Certified Electrician if you have any concerns at all!

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