The Surprising Problems Associated with Water Leaks

The Surprising Problems Associated with Water Leaks
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    Do you have a leaky faucet in your home that never seems to stop?

    You’re not alone—water leaks can come from several sources ranging from a loose plumbing fitting to your home’s foundation.


Most people are well aware they should fix water leaks, but lots of people never actually get around to it as quickly as they should. After learning the surprising problems associated with water leaks, you might change your mind. Read our guide below to learn more.

Your foundation

If water finds its way into your basement, the foundation often sucks up the water like a sponge, which can result in several issues. First and foremost, a leak can reduce the structural integrity of your home.

If the leak goes untreated, the foundation can begin to shift and ultimately begin cracking. The source of the water leak causing your foundation to crack might not even be inside the home.

Sometimes the source can be anywhere water builds up, such as in a damaged yard or window well.

Mold and mildew

Water leaks are often the culprit behind mold and mildew inside homes. Several issues can stem from mold and mildew. One concerning factor is the health issues they can cause.

Some of the health issues involved include respiratory issues, skin irritation, sore throat, and itchy and dry eyes. Moreover, mold and mildew can cause a foul odor throughout the home and even affect the home’s structural integrity.

Pest problems

If you frequently find pests throughout your home, it may be because of a water leak. There are several reasons why water leaks cause pest problems, but one of the reasons is because pests thrive in dark and damp places.

Pests themselves are gross, but they also wreak destruction on your home. Wood-boring insects such as termites attack your studs, which can lead to structural damage. Additionally, mosquitos can lay eggs in any water buildup in your home.

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Increased water bills

The first time a lot of people learn about a water leak is when they see a sudden increase in their water bills. Whether the source is a pesky leaky faucet or toilet or a main pipe in the wall, your bill will go up. Any homeowner wants to do whatever they can to reduce their utility bills, so why are you still leaving the leak?

A lot of people know that water leaks are problematic, but we hope that reading the surprising problems associated with water leaks makes you realize how serious water leaks truly are. Nobody wants higher bills, and you certainly don’t want mold or pests.

other valuable tips:

If you’re not handy when it comes to fixing plumbing and water issues, it’s okay—a lot of people aren’t. Some fixes are easier than others, so you might be able to make the repair yourself with the help of YouTube and blogs.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable doing the repair yourself or you simply don’t have time, hire a professional. Water leaks are nothing to mess with because water will find its way throughout your home if you don’t fix the leak quickly.

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