6 Ways to Avoid the Wrath of Your Landlord When Moving in

6 Ways to Avoid the Wrath of Your Landlord When Moving in
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    When you move into a new rental, you want to make sure you get off to a great start with your landlord.


Of course, you want to treat the property as if you owned it. But you also want to make sure you don’t upset your landlord for any reason. Here are six ways you avoid the wrath of your landlord when moving into your new residence.

1. Don’t Lock Yourself Out

If you lock yourself out right off the bat, you are going to upset your landlord. And even worse, if your landlord has to handle the lockout, you can be billed a lockout fee.

You might now be asking, “where is there a company that handles key duplication near me“? Getting duplicates made once you are first given your key is a great idea. It definitely can help you not lock yourself out, and you limit your chances of making your landlord angry.

2. Introduce Them to Your Pets

For those of you that have pets, you need to make sure your landlord knows them. They don’t have to develop a relationship with your pet, but you need to make sure they can identify your pet.

You typically alert your landlord during the application process of your pet situation. Please remember that under no circumstances should you ever lie about this. Not only will you anger your landlord, but you could also be evicted, fined, and even sent to court over this.

3. Introduce Them to Your Family and Friends

You also need to introduce your landlord to family and friends that might be at your property a good bit. This is especially true if you are involved in a romantic relationship with anyone that might be staying the night.

If you fail to alert your landlord about regular guests you expect, they could get on to you about having overnight guests or more guests than you are permitted to have.

And make sure you go over all of this before you move into your residence.

4. Don’t Throw a Huge Party Right Off the Bat

Don’t ever move in and throw a big party right away. If you throw a huge party right after moving into your rental, your landlord might doubt whether or not you will be a good tenant. Doing this just one time could jeopardize your relationship with your landlord for the duration of your lease.

You should have gone over this before choosing your rental. But if you are unsure as to what crowd and noise levels are acceptable, you shouldn’t go all out to test the waters. And you always should give your landlord a heads up before hosting any party.

5. Get Advice from Someone Else

Make sure you do not start going to your landlord for all kinds of advice. They expect you to be smart and responsible enough to take care of most of your needs on your own.

You likely are not their only tenant. Remember that. And be sure to take a closer look at your lease. Some fixes, like replacing light bulbs and filters are solely on you. Whether you need advice on things to do in your community or how to address a minor issue in your residence, it is best to get advice from someone else.

6. Pay Everything on Time

If you do not pay on time, you are going to anger your landlord. There is no way around this for you. So whatever you do, you should not ever think it is okay to be late with your payments.

other valuable tips:

See if your landlord can take auto-payments or electronic payments. And if you have to use checks, you must make sure to be certain the check clears. Don’t ever bounce a check. You can be fined, and you can be kicked to the curb, too. You might even face criminal charges.

Don’t Anger Your Landlord

No matter how long of a lease you have, you want to make sure you have a good relationship with your landlord throughout it. And for that to happen, you need to get off to a good start with them. That might not happen if you run into any of the issues mentioned above.

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