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Home Repairs

6 Ways to Avoid the Wrath of Your Landlord When Moving in

When you move into a new rental, you want to make sure you get off to a great start with your landlord.

Home Interior

Keep These Points in Mind When Renting a Home

Tweet When renting your home, there are some points to keep in mind especially if you desire to make improvements. You’re still the tenant and your landlord may have something

Home Decor

Rental Redesign Tips for Tenants

Tweet Thus, if you want to move a wall, replace a door or put in crown molding, don’t expect your landlord to be receptive to your request. What you may

General News

Secrets of Renovating to Attract Higher Rental Clients

Tweet Update your rental to attract better tenants. If you own rental property, you know that attracting the best tenant is the key to ensuring that your rental remains occupied

Home Renovation

How to Renovate Your Rental Apartment

Tweet If you are a tenant and are planning to stay in your apartment or other rental property for several years, you may desire to renovate your home to suit