5 Steps To Take After Water Damage To Your Home

5 Steps To Take After Water Damage To Your Home
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    Seeing water damage in your home is extremely frustrating, especially that you can see how it harms your property.

    While you can't reverse the day and moment it happened, you should take proper actions to prevent it from getting worse and allow yourself to salvage the most you can.


As you see water damage, your first initiative may be to call a Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Philadelphia | Moisture Master Pros or other similar companies to resolve the issue. However, before you give them a call, you should first accomplish the steps below:

1. Take Photos For Documentation

The moment there’s water damage in your home, ensure you take enough photos of the source and damage so you’ll have valid proof you can show to your insurance company. Ideally, you should take pictures in a safe space to prevent possible accidents, especially when there’s already a flood present in your home. 

To take photos safely, you should be in an elevated dry space away from the flood. You can use your camera’s zoom features if you’re having trouble capturing the damage. 

2. Call Your Insurance Company

After taking enough photos of the water damages, you should immediately call your insurance company and report the incident that happened on your property.

However, they might not be able to cover flood damages in full as your government will usually provide your insurance policy, depending on if you’re living in a high or low-risk area.

After calling your insurance company, you can proceed with cleaning your home and just wait for them to visit your home and inspect the damages. 

3. Keep Yourself Safe

Before you process cleaning your home, you should first ensure that it’s completely safe for you to move around by turning off the electricity in your property. However, if it’s impossible to get to your electricity supply without soaking or standing in still water, you should hire a professional electrician to do the job for you as it can be hazardous.

After turning off the electricity, you should wear protective gear as you can never know what might be lurking around your floor. The last thing you want to happen is to develop accidents or injuries and expose it to dirty water as it could create more significant damages and infections.

You can begin by wearing protective rubber boots, gloves, and mask as you enter your home. Before you step in, ensure there are no broken ceilings, foundations, or floors that can be a quick call for accidents. If you see any visible debris, you should hire a professional to do the work for you instead. 

4. Remove Water From Home

If there’s still flood present in your home, you should remove them immediately once the situation has settled. You can scoop the water out of your home or use a wet vacuum that can suck the water out of your home.

mold test kit for homemoisture detector

      some mold remedy ideas to consider      

After removing any flood in your home, you can proceed to dry your home by promoting proper ventilation inside. Ideally, you should open your windows and doors wide open, along with turning on the fans to dry the area faster. However, if outside weather isn’t cooperative, you might want to use a dehumidifier and allow the machine to gather the moisture around, keeping your floors and walls dry.

If you have wet furniture in your home, you should take them out to dry. Depending on the damage, you can choose to replace them or hire a deep cleaning service to remove any possible mold formations. However, for your cushioned appliance, you may opt to replace them just to be sure.

5. Check For Mold’s Presence

Molds can quickly develop in your home after 24 hours following water damage. While you may choose to wait for a couple of days before you hire a professional service to remove them, they can impose health concerns along with causing further damage to your property. The first time that you see the presence of mold, you should address them immediately.

When cleaning and removing molds in your home, you should always wear protective gear as it can be harmful to you, especially if the damage is severe. With a small mold presence, you can easily remove them using regular house cleaning products. However, if the mold is larger than six square feet, you should hire a professional to remove the mold for you or even suggest replacing the entire damaged area. 

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No one likes to experience water damage in their home, especially since repair and replacements can be costly. While the situation is already there, you should take appropriate actions to prevent any further damages from happening. After completing your home restoration, ensure you do preventive measures to keep your home safe, along with getting the right insurance coverage for your home.

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