Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated

Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated
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    Insulating your home has several benefits aside from reducing uncomfortable drafts.

    By insulating your home, you prevent temperature-controlled air from escaping your home, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and significantly decreasing your energy bills .


Despite the many benefits of proper insulation, however, most homes are under-insulated. To help you determine if your insulation isn’t working as effectively as it should, consider these signs your home is under-insulated.

Your energy bill is through the roof

A common symptom of an under-insulated home is a sky-high energy bill. An under-insulated home allows temperature-controlled air to seep out. As a result, your home’s heating and cooling system will have to work extra-hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

If your energy bill is unusually expensive despite your efforts to live an energy-efficient lifestyle, your insulation could be to blame.

look for: roll insulation blow-in insulation

You feel drafts

Another clear sign that your home is under-insulated is if you feel drafts throughout your home. Drafts typically indicate cracks in electrical outlets, windows, and doors, which allow air from outside to seep into your home.

On a very warm or cold day, take a stroll through your home and see if you notice any drafts. If you do, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade your home’s insulation.

Temperatures fluctuate throughout your home

A well-insulated home will have an even temperature throughout. In an under-insulated home, you’ll typically notice significant temperature changes depending on the room you’re in. If your kitchen is boiling while your living room causes your teeth to chatter, your home is likely under-insulated.

Bugs and small animals are running wild

An under-insulated home doesn’t just let warm and cool air out—it can also allow small critters to get in. As such, bugs and mice are good indications that your home’s insulation isn’t working as well as it should be. Sealing up cracks by properly insulating your home should help prevent future intrusions.

look for: infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement

Your roof forms ice dams

If you live in a colder area and tend to experience ice dams, your attic is probably under-insulated. Ice dams form at the edge of roof and prevent water from effectively draining off as snow melts. As water gets trapped in these dams and sits on your roof, harmful leaks—which can damage your home’s structure—may occur.

By insulating your home, you prevent warm air from rising through the ceiling to your attic and melting the snow on your roof. As a result, snow won’t continuously melt and re-freeze—a process which eventually creates such ice dams.

other valuable tips:

Your pipes are freezing

Another indicator of an under-insulated home for people who live in cold areas is frozen pipes. If your pipes run through exterior walls that aren’t properly insulated, they could end up freezing and potentially bursting. Now that’s an expensive wake-up call you don’t want to receive.

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