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Energy Savings

Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated

Insulating your home has several benefits aside from reducing uncomfortable drafts. By insulating your home, you prevent temperature-controlled air from escaping your home, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and significantly decreasing your energy bills .

Seasonal Maintenance

4 Ways to Improve Home Insulation and Save Energy

The frigid bite of the winter season is at your doorstep. During this season, energy rates can increase as everyone turns up the heater. This leaves you with a conundrum of whether to leave the thermostat alone and bundle up to save money, or keep the house warm and budget more for utilities.

Green Home

DIY Green Home? 4 Home Energy Efficiency Optimizations You Should Leave to the Pros

Tweet You might be pretty handy and might be able to do a lot of the projects yourself and you might even reach your goal of making it more energy-efficient.

Energy Savings

8 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Insulate Your Doors and Windows

Tweet Considering that a significant amount of heat is lost through doors and windows, proper insulation is very important to make your indoor living space cozy. Increasing Durability and Efficiency

Energy Savings

Warm It Up: 4 Tips to Better Insulate Your Home

Tweet Here are four tips to improve your home’s insulation during the cold winter months. Seal Your Doors As long as your doors are relatively new, then you might be

Home Utility

Comparing How 4 Kinds of Insulation Impact Your Energy Bill

Make your home more eco-friendly by choosing the right type of insulation. You have several different options available to you.

Home Improvements

Quick Checklist: The Most Important Renovations You’ll Never See

Many people concentrate on renovations that improve the look of their home, such as new flooring, new siding and kitchen and bath upgrades. But there are many valuable renovations you can make to the guts of your home that never see the light of day.

Energy Savings

How to Make Your Home Renovation Project More Energy Efficient

When you make changes to your property, you want the end result to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Home Structure

5 Minor Home Improvement Projects to Make Before Spring

Cold weather often deters homeowners from doing improvement projects, but there is much that can be accomplished before spring arrives.

Home Structure

5 Indoor Upgrades to Do to Your Home This Winter

Just because the cold weather comes in doesn’t mean an end to your chances of doing some home improvement work. Oftentimes it can be the best times to get some specific projects taken care of.

Seasonal Maintenance

Get Ready For The Cold: What You Should Do Around The Home During Fall

As the leaves outside your window begin to change colors, you know colder weather cannot be far behind. This is the best time to get your home ready for the coming onslaught.

Energy Savings

Summer Time Joy: 5 Tips for Keeping the Cold in and the Heat Out

Is your home prone to over heating during the summer? Does it feel cooler outside than it does inside your home during the summer. This is always a bad sign.

Home Interior

Renovation Essentials: What You Need to Know

You’re shopping for a home, a fixer upper, looking for a bargain that you can transform from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The process is a long one, requiring much patience and knowledge about the project at hand.

Seasonal Maintenance

Reminder: Midwinter Home Maintenance Checkup

Tweet But winter does not mean a complete rest from your home maintenance work as several problems could be looming just out of sight. Let’s take a look at a

Home Structure

Deep Freeze: How to Keep Pipes Flowing

Tweet One of the scourges of the season are frozen pipes, a problem that can be avoided with careful planning. Even so, if your pipes do freeze you can thaw

Heating and Cooling

Get a Handle on Your Home Heating Costs

Tweet Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs immediately. There are also various low- and high-cost solutions, what you may want to explore as your

Energy Savings

6 Energy-Efficient Insulation Tips for this Winter

Tweet The pure bliss of sitting by the window with a steaming hot cuppa in hand and watching the first snowflakes of the season drifting down on to the driveway.

Home Renovation

3 Tactical Home Renovations to Help Beat the Heat

Tweet Living in Mediterranean regions such as Southern California, tropical climates around Florida, or deserts like in Arizona seems like insanity if you had presented the idea a couple hundred

Home Structure

Timely Fall Renovation Projects

Tweet Preparing your home now will ensure that it is ready before the first cold winds of winter set in. You may also find that home contractors are available, having

Heating and Cooling

You Can Reduce Your High Winter Heating Bills

You can expect several more months of winter heating bills, but your future expenses don’t have to be as high as last month’s bill.