Gas Leaks: 4 Ways to Avoid a Deadly Situation

Gas Leaks: 4 Ways to Avoid a Deadly Situation
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    Any household that has access to gas is at risk of suffering from leaks.

    Gas leaks are not only harmful to the health of residents, but can lead to death in some cases.


To prevent a deadly situation on your property, there are a few ways to help prevent leaks.

Hire a Gas Safe Register Engineer to Install Appliances

One of the main steps to take is to have your appliances installed by an accredited Gas Safe Register engineer who is registered and skilled in performing the task. This will ensure your appliances are properly installed. The appliances should also be checked on a regular basis to reduce the risk of a leak.

How to Check for Gas Leaks In a Home : Home Safety:

Schedule Furnace Repair

It’s important to schedule regular furnace repairs and maintenance each year to ensure the appliance continues to run well, and that all of the parts are in working order. A professional can inspect the furnace and make any repairs needed to prevent leaks. HomeSmart from Xcel Energy recommend checking the filters and thermostat when looking over your furnace to determine if repairs need to be made.

Install a Natural Gas Detector

Install a natural gas detector on each floor of your home, which will alert you if gas has begun to leak. A carbon monoxide detector can also be installed to detect if carbon monoxide has built up. Detectors should be placed near sources of gas, and should be installed higher than the doors and the windows of the room. It should also be placed six inches from the ceiling and away from any windows where fresh air is present.

Know How to Shut off Gas to Your Appliances

You should be aware of how to shut off the gas to your appliances if gas is detected to prevent a deadly situation. You’ll need to turn the valve until the handle is 90 degrees from the gas line, while using a pipe wrench to adjust it. It’s important to practice shutting it off several times to ensure you feel confident if a gas leak occurs.

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Although gas leaks can be a threat to any home, there are several ways to reduce your risk of a deadly situation, by taking a few important steps. It will not only offer you peace of mind with the safety of your home, but can protect your life and those of your family members. Don’t wait to make your home a safer place, do some of these steps now to avoid any kind of accident.



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