Five House Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Five House Fire Safety and Prevention Tips
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    Keeping your home safe from fires is an every day effort and the lengths one must go to, to ensure their and their family’s safety may seem extreme, but they are essential.


You must have a plan for keeping your family safe in the event of a fire, but you also need to have a plan in place for preventing fires from happening. All the items below will give you a chance to prevent fires in the home and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Tip #1: Have A Family Fire Safety Plan

This may sound cliché, but it is something that must happen. Your children need to be trained what to do in the event of a fire, and your family needs a place to meet up if there is a fire and you evacuate.

Also, you need to work with your neighbors so that you and your children have a place to go in the event of a fire. This combined fire safety plan will change the way your family responds to all emergencies.

Tip #2: Deal With The Outlets

The electrical outlets in your home are fire hazards when they are not properly cared for. An electrical outlet can start a fire that will burn down a house, and you must take safety precautions with these outlets.

First, the outlets need to be covered when not in use. The outlet covers that young parents use for their toddlers help to keep sparks inside the outlets. Also, papers and clothing cannot be left near an outlet. A spark from the outlet can catch paper and fabric on fire. Finally, you need to keep furniture away from outlets. If a piece of furniture is pressed up against an outlet, the outlet could catch the furniture on fire.

Tip #3: Clean The Dryer Vent

Your dryer is a fire hazard in the making. You have a vent that sends lint outside the house whenever the dryer is running. If this vent clogs with lint, the high temperature of the dryer could catch the lint on fire. Clearing your dryer vent regularly helps to prevent these fires. Your lint trap should be cleaned in like manner. It is possible that a fire could start internally if the lint trap is not clear.

Tip #4: Prevent Water Leaks

Water leaks in the home may not seem to be major problems. However, a small water leak could begin dripping on an electrical item that could short and cause a fire. Every water leak in your home should be investigated to prevent to inadvertent cause of fires.

Tip #5: Maintain The HVAC Unit

Your furnace and air conditioner are prime candidates for causing fires. The heating element in your furnace can start an internal fire if it is damaged. Your air conditioning unit can become damaged and spark a fire inside the unit, and that fire can be forced through your air ducts by the fan. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace prevents fires.

If you follow each of the five tips above, you can prevent fires in your home. Your family can remain safe, and your home will always be in good repair.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger. For more fire safety and prevention tips visit Nu-Tech Fire and Safety.



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