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Home Safety

Fire Prevention Basics For Homeowners

It would have been more catchy if the title said “Preventing house fires the easy way”. However, making your house as fireproof as possible is a serious undertaking, and there is no easy way around it.

Home Safety

Protecting Your Home From A Fire

Every year, fires in the US kill more than 3,000 people and injure approximately 16,000 individuals, on top of a massive $12 billion direct property losses. Needless to say, young and old alike suffer this sad fate.

Home Safety

Five House Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Keeping your home safe from fires is an every day effort and the lengths one must go to, to ensure their and their family’s safety may seem extreme, but they are essential.

Home Safety

7 Useful Ways to Fireproof Your Home

Accidents can happen at any time and endanger your family and pets.

Home Safety

Get Out! Crafting Your Family’s Fire Escape Plan.

Every family should have one, but most of us do not. That “one” is a fire escape plan, an orderly and sensible evacuation plan to manage the unthinkable: a house fire.