4 Reasons Your Business (and Home) Should Have a Fire Sprinkler System Installed

4 Reasons Your Business (and Home) Should Have a Fire Sprinkler System Installed
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    Fire sprinkler systems are often avoided because of the installation cost and the concern that they will go off at the wrong time, disaffecting customers, disrupting operations and damaging property.


However, sprinkler systems are invaluable and have many advantages that should not be overlooked. Here are four reasons why your business should have a proper fire sprinkler system installed if you don’t already have one.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Automatic sprinkler systems reduce the odds of severe property damage and injuries by over fifty percent. When your building is less likely to burn down and your employees and customers less likely to be severely hurt in a fire, insurers offer lower insurance rates because you’ve reduced the risk of the most expensive types of claims. Automatic sprinkler systems usually contain fires in small rooms, and they will activate even in rarely visited rooms.

This means you won’t see a fire start in a store room or utility closet and spread before it is noticed. The end result is that even when fire does break out, the odds that it becomes a major disaster are much lower; insurers give you lower property insurance rates and perhaps even lower liability insurance rates if you have a sprinkler system.

If you run key business functions out of the location, your business continuity insurance rates will be lower because a small fire is likely to burn out a wall, not shut down the facility for months. And the cost of the sprinkler system is likely recouped in just a few years because of these savings.

Peace of Mind

Automatic fire sprinkler systems provide peace of mind for your employees and customers. Fully functional and maintained fire sprinkler systems, according to an NFPA study, ensured that the death toll was never more than two people with most getting out alive and many unharmed.

It ensures that the clerk working at night or the only security guard on the late shift doesn’t have to take all of the responsibility for checking for electrical shorts or other fire hazards, much less the blame if they cannot control a blaze. Then there’s the fact that the automatic sprinkler system is standing watch on weekends and holidays when no one at all may be in the building.

Low Maintenance Compared to Other Fire Control Methods

Compared to hoping that fire extinguishers and trained employees can handle small fires, automatic fire sprinkler systems work more than nine times out of ten while requiring very little maintenance. As long as you’ve paid your water bill and not let the pipes rust, they will almost certainly work. In contrast, old fire extinguishers won’t work and employees may not know how to use them right in the critical moments even though extinguishers are sufficient to contain a starting blaze.

It Doesn’t Require Redesigning the Building

It is possible to build a fireproof building with thick walls filled with fire retardant foam or fireproof materials. However, retrofitting an existing building with these features is incredibly expensive. It is cheaper to install a sprinkler system instead.


A fire sprinkler system will reduce your property insurance rates for certain, and it may result in lower rates for other types of insurance. A fire sprinkler system will offer peace of mind because you aren’t relying on the only person in the office to contain a blaze. And it is low maintenance compared to other ways you might try to control fires, while it doesn’t require a massive construction project to install.

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