Kitchen Renovation On a Budget: How to Remodel Your Kitchen On the Cheap

Kitchen Renovation On a Budget: How to Remodel Your Kitchen On the Cheap
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For many of us, the kitchen is the most important room. It’s the heart of a home where you eat and spend quality time with family and friends. It’s also a work-horse and needs a little tender loving care from time to time.

You don’t need to break the bank with an expert remodel. There are lots of ways to give your kitchen a facelift when cash is tight. Here are the tips you need for a kitchen renovation on a budget.

Minimize Labor Costs

You may already have a budget and an idea of some jobs that may require you to hire in contractors. Remember that they will be trying to maximize their profits at the same time as you are trying to minimize your spending.

It’s important to stick to your budget and be firm by reminding those you hire that they must stay within the limits that you have set.

Go a step further and take on the remodeling work as a do-it-yourself project. This means you’ll just pay for the materials and bring down labor costs to zero.

Your level of skill and the amount of time you have are the key dependencies here. Use your social network to find reliable plumbers and builders, if you need them at all.

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Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

If you choose to change the kitchen layout, you will dramatically push up the budget. If you decide on retaining your old kitchen layout then this will mean that you’ll only be altering some of the elements within the same framework.

This is going to save you money. Moving essentials like a dishwasher or the sink will likely mean hiring plumbers. Similarly, if you move lights and power outlets then you could end up having to remove drywall and rewire the kitchen.

Kitchen layouts are typically decided on by the size of the available space. Galley-style kitchens may have such limited space that major changes simply wouldn’t be possible.

One-wall layouts can give you a little more flexibility because they have an open side. In these cases, adding a kitchen island is a good way to make more prep and storage space without the need for major layout changes.

Have a New Faucet Fitted

The sink is one of the hardest-working fixtures in any kitchen. Faucets can quickly lose their shine and start to look tired. A more modern faucet is going to bring a fresh style to your kitchen.

It will stand out and improve the design. The eye will be drawn to it meaning that it may make up for not being able to change the entire sink for a new one.

Small improvements like these can cost very little but still make an enormous difference to the look of the kitchen. Even so, if money’s tight you might be looking for a loan with no income to pay for these small extras.

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Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The frames and doors may be looking a bit tired and outdated but they may also be completely solid underneath. Instead of replacing them, give them a fresh coat of paint after a thorough clean.

Go for a soft pale sage green or a light grey for smartness. You could also add some new handles and knobs to give your kitchen a modern, stylish look.

You could go a step further than this, if your DIY skills are up to it, and reface the doors and cabinets. Add a new wood or specialist veneer. This will make the kitchen cupboards look brand new for a fraction of the cost.

If you do need to go for new cabinets, go for those that are made from MDF as they tend to be cheaper. You could also research to see if any second-hand ones may be available.

Open shelving is also very fashionable at the moment. It gives an airy feel to the kitchen and allows you to display your favorite pieces.

Fit Some Lighting Under Cabinets

If you don’t have this kind of lighting already, then you should definitely consider it. It’s discreet but will add a touch of glamor. It will also make working at the kitchen counter far simpler.

For a start, you’ll be able to see better while you’re reading your favorite recipes. It also makes chopping up your vegetables and spices easier and safer.

Good lighting is often overlooked in many kitchens. It’s a shame because installation is usually relatively simple. Some lights are even battery-operated.

You could buy small adhesive puck or dot lights along with LED strips. These are a great option as they’ll brighten up your kitchen for a relatively small cost.

other valuable tips:

Flooring and Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

There are lots of ways to give your kitchen floor a new lease of life without breaking the bank. You can add a colorful rug to spruce up floors that have seen better days. Kilim rugs are a good choice as they’re usually easy to clean.

They often also have bold, strong patterns which are ideal for hiding splashes or any damage to the flooring underneath. You could also paint a wooden floor in one of your favorite colors. Using a specialist paint will make mopping the floor down far easier too.

Install Colorful Backsplashes

The walls in your kitchen can quickly become greasy and marked. This is particularly true of the area behind the stove. Fit a tiled backsplash to make cleaning quick and easy. Go for bold colors to give your kitchen an eye-catching lift.

Installing mosaic backsplash tiles will add style and color. You could turn these into a kitchen feature, and save money, by just using them in one specific area.

Cheap Kitchen Upgrades

There are a lot of jobs you may be able to do yourself when you need a kitchen renovation on a budget. Labor can be one of the highest costs.

Incorporate some clever, small finishing touches too. This can trick the eye into thinking that you’ve actually completed an expensive remodel. Continue reading the articles on our site for more top home improvement tips.

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