5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs
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    Since the kitchen is often the central meeting place and nerve center of the home, where children do homework and guests sit down with us over coffee, it tends to be the target of home makeovers and remodeling projects more than any other room in the house.


It gets used and abused, while the appliances in it become outdated in both style and technology far faster than your bathroom ever could. However, there are five kitchen remodeling mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Forgetting Your Workflow

The most important workflow in your kitchen is the flow of food from the refrigerator to the oven on to the sink. You need a clear path to each of these places with ample room to navigate when carrying dishes. And don’t forget to have enough prep space around your oven and sink to handle dishes, bowls and so forth. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the new appliances, flooring and cabinetry are if the kitchen fails to be convenient to use night after night.

A lack of counter space is often a driving factor in kitchen renovations. Before you go for the more expensive kitchen makeover, try using a mobile butcher block table, getting rid of small appliances you don’t use or replacing them with under-the-cabinet mounted versions to free up counter space. Or look into decorative corbels and shelving supports.

Outdoing the Neighborhood

The value of a kitchen makeover is not set by how much you spend on it. Instead, the value of the remodeled kitchen is dependent on the norms for the neighborhood. Just like the six bedroom four bathroom house that can’t sell for twice as much as the three bedroom two bath homes around it, a gourmet kitchen worthy of Top Chef in a neighborhood of modest kitchens wouldn’t recoup that $60,000 kitchen makeover.

Going for the Expensive instead of Inexpensive Upgrades

You’ll have no trouble finding a craftsman willing to rip out all the cabinetry and put in new cabinets. Yet many homeowners don’t think about the small changes that could update their kitchens for far less like replacing hardware on drawers, buying new utensil organizers, or installing a Lazy Susan in the spice cabinet.

If you do need to replace cabinets due to wear and tear, consider replacing only the doors and hardware, not all of the cabinetry. Replacing cabinet tops need not involve replacing all of the woodwork underneath it, unless the problem is due to insect infestation or water damage.

When making small changes yourself, you’ll save money when you buy from mytoolshed.co.uk instead of the local hardware store.

Planning the Little Details before Planning the Bigger Picture

The last thing you want to do is plan the little pieces of hardware and new appliances you want to buy before planning the overall look and layout of a renovated kitchen. You need to develop an overall plan for how the kitchen will function and look. Don’t worry about today’s fashion trends but how you will use the kitchen for the next ten to twenty years. And remember that you can buy new panels for your white fridge if you want to change its colour, while stainless steel is a classic no matter the décor.

Trying to Do It Yourself

Unless you are an experienced craftsman or making little repairs like fixing a leaking faucet, don’t try to do kitchen renovations yourself. This is the reason so many home re-modellers say they get well paid to fix what do it yourselfers tried to do, and this is why it is cheaper to hire the professionals to do quality work than try to do it yourself and then hire them to repair your work and finish it. However, you should work with the contractor to make the design decisions so that you’re happy with the final result.

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Plan the overall scope of the project before you start buying hardware or ripping out cabinetry. Determine if you actually need a major renovation to repair structural damage or simply need to make minor repairs and want to put in a few upgrades. Don’t over-build the neighborhood or put in a fancy kitchen that fails to facilitate a smooth workflow. Call in a professional for any major project, and work with them so that you’re happy with the final result.

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