General Facts You Should Know About Dumbwaiters

General Facts You Should Know About Dumbwaiters
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    Most people have no idea what dumbwaiters are.

    The name might seem funny for you but the truth is that these items are quite useful in various circumstances.


The dumbwaiter is basically a small freight lift or elevator that is meant to carry objects. It is not designed for people. The dumbwaiters are really common in many modern structures. This includes private, public and commercial buildings. They are connecting multiple floors. In some cases you will find them in schools, hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, private homes and kindergartens with a normal connection to the kitchen.

Dumbwaiters became really popular in USA around the 1840s. The initial models were named lazy Susans or serving trays. George W Cannon invented the first ever mechanical dumbwaiter in New York.

Dumbwaiter Description

The simplest dumbwaiter is basically a movable frame that is put in a shaft, guided by rails and dropped on pulleys with the help of a rope. In most situations the devices have carts, shafts and a really small capacity of 45 to 450 kilograms. Electric motors were introduced in the 1920s. Till then they were operated by ropes and pulleys.

Modern dumbwaiters are definitely different and technology did advance at a really high rate, particularly in the past few years. Nowadays we see them including electric motors, custom features and automatic control systems. The more recent installations were included in libraries and various other institutions where you would not expect to see something like this. We also have some private dumbwaiters installed in restaurants or homes that can support a load of up to 1 ton. Even some aircrafts use them in order to make it easier to deliver food to passengers.

Do You Need Dumbwaiters?

This is a question that only you can answer. In the event that installing a small freight elevator is something that you would need as it would make it easier to transport some items, you may consider it. However, in many different situations the investment is not one that you should make. That is due to the fact that the financial investment might be too much.

Think about your current workflow. Would installing a dumbwaiter help you to increase your profits in the future? If so, you should consider the option.

Working With Professional Contractors

Too many people out there just do not care who works for them as long as low prices are paid at the end of the process. This is never a proper approach. When you want to install a dumbwaiter, you will need many different things including permits. Also, you have to be 100% sure that safety is guaranteed. Never settle for a contractor without experience.

Look for those professionals that do have a lot of experience in working with the type of dumbwaiters that you require. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you should work with a firm that installed different dumbwaiters for restaurants in the past. Experience count a lot and you can be sure that you are offered a high quality solution when you work with the professionals.



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