Ann Arbor Residents Find Quality House Painters

Ann Arbor Residents Find Quality House Painters
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    Ann Arbor is the 6th largest city in Michigan, known for its high tech industries, left-leaning politics, beautiful treelined streets and dense forestation, earning it the appropriate nickname of “Tree Town”, despite the devastating destruction of over 10,000 ash trees by an infestation of the emerald ash borer.


What all having all this wood around, since well before the town was settled, has meant is that many of the homes have been built in local and native timbers. Which of course means that there are some very experienced painters to be found in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas – although choosing the right person for the job still takes a bit of research to ensure that you are getting a firm like Michigan Pure in Ann Arbor.

Types of Housing in Ann Arbor

Although there are a number of houses that have been listed as historic places, particularly the Old West Side neighborhood which has homes from the 19th century that are still in amazing condition, there is quite a lot of variation in the styles of residential housing to be found in the Michigan town.

Most are classic 19th century homes or ranch style homes, with a few of the more modern kit houses that were popularized in Michigan thrown in.

However, if you are looking for more contemporary examples of architecture you will need to move to the outskirts. Of course, there is also the apartment blocks that have been built mainly for the use of students who are attending the University of Michigan.

With the vast majority of these homes having exteriors clad in wood, and Ann Arbors weather ranging from a cold and snowy winter to a hot and humid (and wet) summer, repainting is a requirement on a regular basis.

Don’t Wait To Repaint

Paint doesn’t just help make your home aesthetically appealing, but it also helps to keep your home watertight and protect the wood from the extreme elements that keeps Michigan residents on their toes.

While there are better times of the year to paint, professional painters can, and do, work in all sorts of weather. So, don’t use the weather as a reason to put of getting your house painted – although if you are looking to do the repainting yourself you should allow yourself more time that a professional will need, and do try to plan your repairs around the weather, as this will make your job significantly easier (and your paint job last longer). 34 °F is not an ideal time for paint to cure.

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Although as a homeowner you may be able to repaint your home in sections, generally you will get a better outcome if you are able to repaint your entire home at the same time. Part of the process of repainting your home’s exterior is to check for signs of rot and repair any sections that need it.

Doing this will help protect your home for years and years to come and save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Leaving it until your paint is actually starting to peel off will likely mean that you will be having to repair a lot more rotten boards, and potentially even have rotten framing that will also need to be replaced.

Picking A Painter Who Knows Your Home

It is the extreme conditions found in Michigan, and the type wooden homes, that mean it is a good idea to work with a painter who understands the conditions and is able work around them in order to provide you with the best finish, and in a reasonable timeframe.

You should be concerned if your painter can’t get you a quote within a reasonable period of time, and although it is possible to do an estimate from an image sourced through Google Maps, a quote should involve the painter physically arriving at your house to being able to assess the current state of the paintwork.

paint trim guardpainting bucket

An experienced painter should be able to tell if they are going to need to repair rotten wood once they have stripped paint back, but you should check to see if they have included an estimate for this work in their quote.

Sometimes the rot is worse than expected, perhaps what looked like minor damage to a board was really hiding damage to underlying wood, or a windowsill has damage that cannot easily be seen at first glance. In this instance you will need to ensure that your painter is going to consult with you about any increase in cost and time that this will cause to fix.

Although most painters are quite capable of doing minor repairs, you will want to talk with them if you are going to need things like complete windows replaced. Some painters work with a building subcontractor who specializes in these types of repairs, and they may ask their builder to quote separately for any type of repairs anticipated.

Up until recently painters working in Michigan were required to be licensed, however that law has now been removed, and anyone can technically become a painter: 

other valuable tips:

What this means is that it is now even more important to check the reviews of a painter and ask around to see if anyone has feedback regarding any painter that you are looking at hiring. You can also see if the painter offers any form of a guarantee – and just because they are not licensed, this does not mean that they don’t need to have appropriate insurances, and you should confirm these before they start work on your property.

Other things to ensure that you have covered in your quote is any of the preparation work. The majority of good painters will include this, because preparation is always going to be key to ensuring that the finished outcome is going to look good, and last. You can’t expect paint to stick to a dirty or peeling surface, so at the bare minimum you should be able to expect your painter will be washing your house down and scraping any loose paint.

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