Handy Tips for Painting Exterior Brick for the Home of Your Dreams

Handy Tips for Painting Exterior Brick for the Home of Your Dreams
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    If you own a brick home and are contemplating painting your exterior bricks, this one's for you!

    As warm and drier weather approaches, here's all you need to know about painting external brickwork and revamping your home in style.


Since painting brickwork is not as straightforward as throwing paint on drywall, several homeowners put off the idea altogether. However, with the right knowledge and some training, just about everyone can paint exterior brick without any hassles.

A paint refresh of a new coat on the brick has several advantages. It not only safeguards the exterior from seasonal weather changes like precipitation but also helps your house look clean and boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home.

So, here’s presenting handy tips that you should know when painting exterior brick:

Don’t Paint Brand New Brick

A just painted brick wall makes for a terrible canvas. New brick and mortar exude a powdery substance that can meddle with your paints.

It’s recommended you wait for a minimum of one month before any painting work begins. If not, you could end up with chalky paint and flaky walls.

Start With a Clean Surface

 Before beginning to paint brickwork, it is important to ensure the surface is clean and dry and free from greasy stains and loose debris.

If you don’t wash the brick before painting, you could end up with paint that is murky and not well-bound. Give your walls a power wash and allow them to dry completely before starting out.

Don’t Forget to Prime

Regardless of the age or type of your exterior brick, it is essential to prime it. Use a primer that is made for brick and masonry as it penetrates well into the brick’s porous surface and binds well. It also has better alkaline resistance and can protect your walls from getting alkali burn.

Pick the Right Tools

Just as with the primer, it is essential to use the right brushes and applicators when painting exterior brick. Pick a synthetic bristle brush or a sturdy roller with a high nap of at least half an inch. Using the right tools can help you ensure that paint/ primer reaches every nook and crevice, and the surface appears well-finished.

paint samples for brickbrick painting tools

      some brick painting ideas to consider      

Use the Correct Paint

As the exterior of bricks is very porous, for long-lasting results, it’s essential you pick high-quality masonry paint. Choosing a paint system that is alkali-resistant and waterproof will help you maintain your exterior brick in good shape for a long time. Also, apply two coats of the selected paint for a better finish.

Repaint Every 6 to 10 Years

High moisture content can lead to several problematic issues such as efflorescence, alkaline attack, staining, blistering, and flaking. In addition to this, moisture can affect the adhesion of most paints, and hence it is important to repaint brickwork every 6-10 years. Occasionally repainting brickwork can also help it look fresh.


Power-Wash Painted Brick

Although painted brick is easier to clean as compared to a natural brick surface, dirt and mildew are more visible on the latter. It is therefore important to clean your exterior brickwork more often. Opt for an occasional professional power wash to keep your exterior brick clean and well-maintained.

Paint at the Right Time

Before you start painting, consider the weather conditions. For painting brick, exceedingly hot or cold weather isn’t suitable. Similarly, windy, or rainy weather is also unsuitable for it. Stick to forecasts predicting good temperatures and pleasant working conditions before your start. Ideally, warm, and dry weather is perfect for painting brick.

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Hire Professional Painters

If you end up painting over damaged brick or use the wrong primer or paint, your exterior can end up looking like a mess. In case you lack expertise or are unsure how to go about the painting process, get help from professionals. Expert painters know exactly which tools and materials to use and can help you have a home that looks stylish and clean.

Since painted brick is permanent, you cannot go back to your original brick exterior once you go ahead with it. Further, the process of removing paint from brick is expensive.

Before you make a decision, think about all aspects so you know what you’re in for and there are no surprises. With just a few things in mind, remaining informed about all the factors involved in painting brick, and picking the best tools and materials for it makes the entire process a whole lot easier! 

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