Why It Pays to Get the Professionals in Wood Floor Repair

Why It Pays to Get the Professionals in Wood Floor Repair
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    The beautiful look of hardwood floors add character, depth, and style to any home.

    But when the floors become worn or damaged, it detracts from their appeal.


Understanding the common hardwood floor problems helps you seek the right repairs promptly.

Cracks or splits

With the passage of time, wood floors naturally develop cracks or splits in the surface. Usually this is easily repaired with wood putty or installment of angled nails to hold the split or cracked pieces together. Larger cracks and splits require more work, and you may need to call on a professional. He can replace any damaged planks and then refinish the floor.


Sometimes wood floors, including bamboo floors, develop gaps between planks due to:

  • the wood drying out and shrinking
  • getting wet and expanding during humid weather

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It’s normal for wood to shrink and expand but the resulting gaps can be unattractive. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to fix the gaps unless they’ve become so large they no longer close, so the best thing to do is wait for the weather to change and the planks to resume their tight formation. For large gaps, call in a professional to tighten the flooring.


If your quality, discount flooring buckles in areas, it’s due to the boards warping and lifting away from the sub-flooring. You need professional help to find the source of the buckling so they can address the issue and reattach the wood planks to the sub-floor.

Wash boarding

When the edges of the plank raise up while the center sinks, this is called washboard or cupped floors. The reason this happens is that the bottom side of the wood experiences more moisture than the top side. To fix this, you need to restore balance to the humidity in your home and then have a professional sand the wood back down and refinish it.

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When a wood floor sags or warps, this represents a serious problem and is the result of moisture issues. A professional needs to address warped or sagging floors and find the reason behind the moisture problems in the home.

Cosmetic flaws

Floors experience a minor damage that’s mostly cosmetic and easy to repair with professional advice and help. Light scratches on the wood are repairable with a touch-up kit, and loose planks can be re-nailed to the subfloor. However, if the scratches are deep, the floor may need to be entirely refinished. A professional hardwood floor installer is the best choice for repairing your beautiful wood floors and permanently fixing any issues.

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