Creative Home Renovation Tips For A Tight Budget

Creative Home Renovation Tips For A Tight Budget
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    The absolutely most important thing when renovating your home is being able to effectively calculate your financial capability.

    When setting your budget, especially if it's a tight one, the difference between a successful renovation and a complete disaster is depending on a well-deployed plan.


While setting your budget, you cannot allow yourself to forget all kinds of adjustments that may happen during the process itself. That is the most common mistake we do. While many of us have a clear vision of a perfect home we want to live in, some may have better ideas than others.

Having that in mind, it is usually a good practice to follow some creative home renovation tips for a tight budget. No matter if you are doing a small one-room renovation or a big full-house one, the imperative is to be able to adjust.

Budget Home Renovation Tips

There are many different ways of working a successful plan for a house renovation. It depends on your needs and possibilities, so here are some of the most common creative renovation tips for a tight budget:

  • Using paint and colors
  • Rearranging for more space
  • Windows and bulbs – natural and artificial light
  • Accessories and small details trick
  • Dead space and shelves
  • Exterior

Don’t trap yourself into the renovation chaos.

  • Using Paint and Colors

    One of the cheapest and the most effective ways to save money is a fresh coat of paint in any of the rooms. It is the fastest way to get a refreshing look of your home without having to spend money on any other item or furnishing. With enough creativity, carefully displayed colors can have a great impact on the visual boost of your home.

    For example, in the kitchen, natural shades like white, or woody color shades can represent a rustic layout. However, if you want a modern touch, you can definitely go with a gray and navy blue color variations. Besides, you can always use various wallpapers to give it a more unique effect.

    Let’s not forget that other elements can be recolored as well by using paint, or wallpapers or custom designed prints. Depending on your particular taste, anything can be matched or made in contrast.

painting suppliespaint brushes

  • Rearranging for More Space

    When it comes to space, it looks like there is never enough of it, for we always want more and we always need more. But people tend to forget that simple rearranging of already existing furniture can be both effective and refreshing.

    In general, you want to get rid of any unpractical pieces of furniture that are just cluttering your space. Then think about how the remaining space can be used more effectively. You will soon realize that this table is better sat there, or this lamp is more fitting on another side of the room.

    Even switching and combining furniture from different rooms is an option, which is great since it costs nothing. Another smart thing is the trick with mirrors. It will make your room look bigger and will spread the natural light better, especially if you place it opposite the window.

  • Windows and Bulbs – Natural and Artificial Light

    Windows are important not just because they provide you the view to the outside but for bringing the natural light inside as well. The most general rule about windows is "the bigger – the better" since, besides the light, they make your space look larger than it is. If your budget allows make them bigger, but if not, you can always repaint them.

    The trick is to paint them with a shade lighter than the rest of the room to maximize the lighting effect. If you are renovating for a sale it might be a good investment to place new windows on unusual places like narrow passages and tight storage.

    Consider installing the wall-size window which will certainly look impressive to a new buyer. Another thing is artificial light. Besides choosing the position or temperature of light these lights can make your place look even bigger.

solar tubesartificial light

  • Accessories and Small Details Trick

    Home renovation doesn’t need to be expensive. Sometimes, replacing and repositioning small accessories can do wonders. Simple things like stair runners or picture frames can mean a lot. Homemade print and photography can be placed on large walls – providing effective decoration without spending money.

    Adding hidden led light in your room can add to the unique atmosphere and coziness. In places like NJ, you can often see a lantern light pendant which is easy to assemble and disassemble. A simple repaint of old desks and cabinets can change the general feel of the interior of your home too. Replacing light switches, adding flower vases and small figurines, are all things to consider without fear of enormous expenses.

  • Dead Space and Shelves

    While the budget is the most important thing, using the dead space may be the most interesting one. It is a "C" in creative home renovation tips for a tight budget way of thinking. That may be the perfect example of your personality, and when done right, it can be both beautiful and useful.

    We often try to find a use for the spaces that seem awkward and unusable. The space below stairs is a good example of creative solutions. They make a perfect fit for a storage or even kids’ small base for toys.

    Another idea is building your own furniture, from bed to kitchen elements. Complete with tons of conveniently sized compartments for storage to fit everything. Open shelves, Kitchen Island, and vine racks inside wall can make your kitchen look stylish.

floating shelveswall mounted book case

  • Exterior

    When dealing with so many things while renovating we come close to forget the exterior of our home. If you are in a house it may be more obvious to remember. But, even in the apartment, there are a few things that can potentially add to the overall value when renovating.

    For example, your front door, the first impression a moment before entering your home. You can choose its color and style in a way that they say something about your family. Along with a specific doorbell to add a tiny note on that feel.

other valuable tips:

Renovation takes much less time when following creative home renovation tips for a tight budget. The enthusiasm with which we pick out a furniture is basically the way we turn our place into a comfortable living space. It’s the way we make our living space our home.

Keep in mind – there are times when you need moving help from a professional, and Ample Moving is more than willing to help you with that. But other times you can just make your own home look better even if you have a tight budget.

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