Protect Your Pipes: 4 Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain

Protect Your Pipes: 4 Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain
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    Now that you're a homeowner and responsible for all maintenance and repairs, you'll want to do everything possible to avoid repairs.

    One thing you can do is not put pipe-clogging food and cooking residue down your drains.


Avoiding letting these four substances enter your drains is the best way to keep the drains from clogging. Be aware, however, that any drainage system can still develop clogs, especially in older buildings.


Animal fats, shortening, margarine, butter, and all types of oils should never be poured down the drain. All of these fat-rich substances stick to the insides of the pipes. They also stick to the pipes leading out to the city’s main drain line and all of the pipes that lead to the sewage treatment plant.

Keep an empty glass jar under your sink to put the grease into; then, once you have filled the jar, cover it and put it in the trash. This will preserve both your home’s pipes and those of the city in which you live.

Egg Shells

Egg shells are particularly hazardous to your plumbing system when you put them down the drain. Their jagged edges catch small particles of food that would otherwise be flushed through the system with water.

Over time, eggshells have a very good chance of creating a clog deep in your drainage system, and you may need a professional to get them flowing again.


Remember the paste you used for papier-mâché as a young child? It was most likely flour mixed with water. That is what you create when you dump flour into your sink and wash it down with water. It doesn’t matter if the flour is dry when it hits the sink, or the remnants of a dough or batter from home-made baked goods.

Flour sticks to the sides of the pipes and continues to attract more flour and small food particles. Eventually your pipes will fill up and clog. When baking or cooking with flour, remember to throw the excess in the trash.

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Coffee Grounds

The small size of coffee grounds means that they will easily stick to any residue that is already lining the inside of your drainage pipes, such as grease, egg shells, or flour. It won’t take very long for the pipes to clog if you dump coffee grounds down the drain every day. Fortunately, coffee grounds are one of the easiest clogs that might be removed with a plunger.

A clogged sink is one of the worst inconveniences you can experience at home. While you may be able to clear your pipes on your own, in some cases it’s best to allow professional drain cleaning services to locate and remove clogs in your system, especially if plunging yields only temporary results, or no results. To prevent this scenario, avoid pouring the above contents down your drain.

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