4 Warning Signs That Your Home Electrical System Needs a Major Overhaul

4 Warning Signs That Your Home Electrical System Needs a Major Overhaul
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    The electrical system in the home is important as it provides the light and energy that your home needs to function.

    It supports the stove and hot water heater so that you can cook, take showers and wash dishes.


There are a few signs that you can look for if you suspect that the electrical system needs to be updated. You don’t have to live in an older home for the system to be overhauled as newer homes might not be wired in the proper manner to withstand the electricity that flows through the circuits, which can cause the system to wear out prematurely.


When you plug something into the wall or turn on a light switch or appliance, it should function as normal. If the breaker for that area of the home continues to flip, not allowing any electricity to the home, then you might want to consider looking at the other breakers as they could be bad as well. If you hear any kind of sizzling or feel any warmth from the breaker box, then it’s a good idea to get the system changed. Also keep an eye on how much electricity it is taking to trip the breaker. If you know you aren’t using a large load on the system that keeps tripping the breaker, you may have a more substantial issue.


Pay attention to the lights in the home. If you notice that they flicker or dim while they are on, then it could be an issue with the wiring as the electricity isn’t flowing properly through the home. Test a lamp in various rooms to see if it’s the device or if it’s only in one room. If you notice that the issue is in every room of the home, an electrician with a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering can examine the wires to check the connections.

Basic Residential Wiring:

Electrical Outlets

When you plug something into an electrical outlet, the outlet shouldn’t be warm when it’s touched. This is a sign that the wiring near the outlet is bad. It is a significant issue because it only takes a small spark in order to blow out the outlet and to cause a fire in the home.

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Wiring and Cables

Look at the wires that are near outlets as well as any wires that aren’t covered in the home. If there are any frayed ends or ends that appear to be burnt, then you need to consider making changes. This condition means that there is too much electricity flowing through the wires and that there could be excess amounts at one time or another instead of a continual flow of energy through the home.

The electrical system can be dangerous if it’s faulty. It can cause a fire in the home if the system isn’t upgraded. If you pay attention to the lights, breakers and wires, then you can sometimes tell if the system needs to be updated before any damage occurs.

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