Best Solution to Drainage Problems is Relining of Pipe

Best Solution to Drainage Problems is Relining of Pipe
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    Drains can get clogged due to various reasons like root infestation, misalignment of joints or calcification.

    This blockage may lead to cracks and breakage of the sewer, drain or pipes.


The most common method used to fix drainage problems was to dig them up to repair or replace. This is a messy job creating lot of landscape damage and inconvenience. The pipe relining method can repair drains without the mess. It is the latest and the most advance technology used today to solve drainage problems.

About the method

It is possible to fix the drains and sewer lines without repairing or replacing the broken ones by using pipe relining. This method can be used for repairing existing pipe and old pipes. All underground pipes can be repaired without the need to excavate the ground.

  • The repairing is done from within the pipe using sturdy internal liner through modern technology.
  • A portion of broken pipes can be relined using this method without going through the trouble of replacing them.
  • Broken or cracked pipes, constantly blocked pipes, root infested drains, and drains with missing portions can be easily repaired through this technique.
  • Vertical or horizontal and even hidden pipes can be easily repaired through relining method.
  • Sizes of pipes lying between 40 mm to 255 mm with bends are ideal for this technique.
  • Cast iron, cement, asbestos, brass, ductile iron, earthenware, sewer pipes and many other pipes can be repaired.
  • The process includes internal liner saturated with epoxy which is forced inside the present pipe with the help of special equipment. This makes the liner to form the shape of a brand new pipe.

Benefits of relining process

Repairing the broken sewers, drains and pipes is a difficult method. But the pipe relining process can help you get rid of digging grounds for replacement of pipes. There are several advantages of this technique. Some of them are:

  • There are major expenses involved in any kind of repairing and replacing the broken and damage pipes covers it too. The relining method is not only advanced but it is also very cost effective. The entire process can be done at a low cost. At the same time you can also save a lot of cost in clearing pipes and recovery process as well.
  • The other methods used to repair drains include digging of grounds that takes longer time and cost to fix. The major advantage of this technique is that the recovery process of fixing the grounds and cleaning the area is very less. The property as well as the landscape around it gets minimum damage from this method.
  • The people that care about the environment can use this process. This is an eco-friendly procedure which is very fast to cause any damage to the environment from dangerous sewer wastes.
  • The epoxy lining that is put inside the pipe to seal the cracks and breakage creates a faultless pipe inside the existing one. As a result the leaks are sealed and the root infestation is prevented.
  • The normal pipe made out of concrete or cast iron or other materials makes the flow slow with time. The epoxy lining created inside the existing pipe is what makes it a smooth surface for the flow capacity to increase tremendously. There are no obstructions are calcifications don’t deposits on the lining.
  • This method is long lasting and highly durable so opted mostly for sewer line. You can get warranty on the work from many companies too.

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