Live in Tornado Alley? How to Remodel Your Home for High-Speed Winds

Live in Tornado Alley? How to Remodel Your Home for High-Speed Winds

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    In terms of size and scope, tornadoes are among the smallest weather phenomenon that occurs on the planet.

    While their swath of destruction is limited to a relatively narrow area, the damage from high winds can extend much further.


Homeowners living in high-risk areas throughout the American Midwest should consider the potential for wind damage when remodeling their home. Even a few simple modifications can cut down on costs and reduce the chance of injury to the occupants.

Stronger Windows and Shutters

Broken glass is one of the main household hazards during high-speed winds and tornadoes, as are rocks and other objects hurtling through the air. One of the first steps in tornado-proofing a home is a strong window shutter system that can be easily handled, latched and locked on short notice. Window panes can also be made of resistant material, similar to those found in modern cars, that tend to stay together even after an impact.


Wind-Resistant Siding

Losing your home’s siding isn’t a life-or-death issue, but it can be unsightly, expose your home to long-term damage and cost a decent amount to repair. When remodeling a home in a high-risk area, it’s a good idea to consider wind-resistant alternatives to conventional siding.

In some cases, making a few small changes to the way the siding is fastened to the exterior can make a huge difference in the event of a storm.

Roof Fasteners, Shingles, and Seams

Roofing serves the vital function of protecting the interior of the house from wind and water damage. Unfortunately, it’s also usually the first thing damaged by the severe winds that develop alongside tornadoes.

Professionals from a reliable roofing company in the region are usually equipped with the tools and materials needed to deliver stronger roofing solutions for at-risk homes. This typically includes extra fasteners, greater care when attaching shingles, and special attention to caulking and seams across the roof.

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Don’t Forget the Garage

Garages rarely have the same priority level as a house, but they are still an important factor to consider during a remodel. Whether it serves as a storage area, workshop, or storage for vehicles, it’s usually worth investing a little to protect this structure as well. Installing braces onto your garage door will help reinforce it against strong winds.

Alternatively, you might consider installing a new door entirely, one that is wind-rated. Keeping in mind that garages are usually more flood-prone than houses, so owners should examine this risk alongside the roofing, siding, and windows.

other valuable tips:

For many people in Tornado Alley, serious storms are simply a risk that comes with the territory. Regional warning and alert systems allow the majority of residents to avoid harm during tornado outbreaks, but keeping houses intact requires a bit more planning and proactive care on the part of homeowners.

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