5 Tips to Keep Work and Office Accommodation Safe From Storm Season

5 Tips to Keep Work and Office Accommodation Safe From Storm Season
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    As the seasons change, and we move into storm season, safety is critical.

    With warnings issued repeatedly, you should never consider anything as 'too much when it comes to hurricane safety.


One never knows where they might be when a hurricane hits. Some people are in their homes, others are driving to safety, and many are stuck at work. It would be best if you took preventive measures and secured your workplace to ensure minimum weather damage to the property.

As extreme weather strikes, it’s essential to keep your office and workspace safe during this time. The earlier you start taking pre-emptive measures, the more chances you’ll make it out of the storm in one piece and not have to spend thousands on renovation.

Here are five tips you should consider to keep your work accommodation safe from storm season.

Prevent water from entering the office space

As the storm season begins, you want to make sure that your doors, windows, and roof keep the elements away.

No water should enter the office even during the strongest storm. You want to make sure that all the relevant seals are intact and there are no leaks.

Even a tiny stream of water coming in from a gap in one of the windows could spell disaster in the long run. The effects of water damage can cause significant issues in the workplace.

While mold is the least of your problems, once water gets behind the walls and into the structural wood, you’ve had it.

Health and safety protocols dictate that workers shouldn’t be in an environment where they are exposed to mold. Employees could press charges if they feel that they are in an unsafe work environment. If the property is at risk of water damage, click here to find a specialist to help you out as soon as possible.

Reinforce the windows

With hurricane and tornado season right around the corner, you need to reinforce your office windows to ensure that they see the storm through. One of the best ways to go about this is to cover the glass with a transparent laminate, known as ‘hurricane film.’ This gives an added degree of support to the glass, but even if it does break, it won’t shatter into thousands of pieces.

You should also ensure that the seals are tight. If you notice a draft coming through the window seals, consider going at the edges with a silicone gun.

Don’t drag your feet when it comes to securing the windows. Once a window blows out during the storm, the rain can wreak havoc throughout the office space if it comes into contact with electrical equipment.

basement waterproofingflood pump

      some basement flooding prevention to consider      

Remove excess office furniture

Suppose you have a bunch of excess paraphernalia around the office space. You want to try and store as much stuff in off-site storage facilities. Extra tables, computers, desks, and cabinets need to go.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where obstructions bother you while you are trying to move to safety. Other than your safety, office furniture flying around during a storm could damage the walls and windows. It’s time to get rid of the extra stuff around the office before it blows a hole through the drywall and leaves you footing the bill.

Secure the roof of your standalone office

If you have an independent office space, it would be wise to look at the roofing situation. The older a building is, the more likely it is to have a leaky roof. Notice how in tornado videos, the first thing to get blown away is the top of the building?

Get in a roofing specialist and make sure everything is secured correctly. Nail down whatever parts of the roof you think might seem loose. You might always want to consider changing the shingles to ensure that water flows down the slopes and doesn’t gather on top of your roof.

Losing the roof of your building during a major storm can cost you a fortune. Not to mention the damage that takes place inside the office as the roof no longer provides the protection it once did.


Weatherproof paint

The wind, hail, and rain can decimate the exterior of your building. The rain and hails are known to strip paint off the walls and stain the exterior surface of the building. Not only does this leave the building looking drab, but it also removes that extra layer of protection which the paint provided.

Look at an all-weather condition paint solution. A weather guard paint will ensure that your walls stay solid and unaffected by the dirty rainwater.

In some cases, a lousy coat of paint could let the water seep through the walls and cause further structural damage. Look at getting one of the better weather guards and coating the office space walls before the storm hits.

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This article talked about the issues surrounding water damage, windows, roofs, and more. Solutions like sealing openings, adding hurricane films, and securing the roof can go a long way in keeping your office safe during the storm.

Storms and tornadoes have claimed hundreds of lives and even more businesses. Follow these steps to make sure you don’t become one of the statistics. We all appreciate the role private companies play in the economy, and it would be a shame if your office suffered and you had to go out of business.

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