6 Signs Your Property Suffered From Storm Damage

6 Signs Your Property Suffered From Storm Damage
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    Storm damage can either be big or small, immediately apparent or not.

    If you're lucky enough, the storm damage to your property can easily be identified, which means you can solve it immediately.


Unfortunately, for those that are quite difficult to spot, you have to give your home a very deep and thorough check to see the damage’s extent.

When left on their own, even small problems may escalate into bigger ones, which may be more expensive to fix or, worse, may pose a danger to the homeowners.

When you see even the smallest sign of storm damage, you must call for repair or storm restoration services right away. You may have to pay for their expertise, but it’s worth it when you know that they can fix issues correctly and safely.

The last thing you’d want is to attempt to do a DIY and then make the problem even worse. You don’t have to worry about the fees, as with the right coverage, you may even be eligible for storm damage insurance claims by Johnson Exteriors and other similar companies.

After the storm has passed, check your home for the following indications of damage:

Debris In Your Yard

When you notice quite a lot of debris in your yard, then that can be a signal that your property has some damage somewhere. The debris surely didn’t just fall on your yard, but, perhaps, in some parts of your home as well, like your roof.

Examine your home’s exterior. Look for bent or broken gutters, scratched windows and doors, and chipped or damaged bricks, to name a few.

Missing Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a common and popular choice for roofing nowadays. Perhaps, you may even have this kind of roofing in your home.

There are many advantages to this roofing type, one of which is that it’s easier to spot damage from wind or storm. There’s no making any guesses with asphalt shingles when you can easily notice missing pieces.

Heavy storms and winds can displace shingles, causing them to detach from your roof. When you see missing ones, you should take that as an absolute sign that damage has occurred.

Visible Shingle Granule Loss

Missing shingles aren’t the only sign of damage concerning your roof. Another problem is visible shingle granule loss.

A strong telltale sign is when you notice dark spots on your shingles. This situation usually ensues after a hail, as such sloughs off the small granules that cover your tar shingles.

It may seem like only an aesthetic problem to you, but it’s a lot worse. Those shingle spots can be susceptible to leaks if you leave them unrepaired.



Damaged Windows And Doors

A storm characterized by hard winds can make windows shake, twist, and move. Some may even give in to the storm and fully break if your windows are old or worn out. The damage will be minimal for stronger windows, but still worth fixing nonetheless.

When you see any damaged windows and doors, have them repaired immediately. These are as serious to your security as your home’s efficiency.

  • First, damaged windows and doors may provide easy access to thieves when the quality is no longer that good.
  • Second, broken windows and doors also mean you’ll have air going through rather than staying in the room.

When using your home’s heater and air conditioner, the open holes may make them less efficient, consuming much more energy than usual.

Dented Metal Flashing

Most roofs come with a metal flashing. This part aims to direct stormwater away from the roof to prevent leaks.

When it breaks, this intended purpose isn’t achieved. Stormwater is directed instead to the roof, causing leaks and other serious negative effects on your property.

You should fix those dents immediately, even when the dents don’t seem too bad. These may give in over time, causing leaks into your home.

Depending on where the leak is now, you’re faced with even more damage to your home’s interior, appliances, and furniture brought about by the water.

Broken Or Clogged Gutters

If your gutters were previously working well and, after the storm, they’re suddenly clogged, that should be another symptom of storm damage.

Water has nowhere else to go but through your home’s downside and under the shingles when gutters are clogged. When this happens, damage can occur in these areas:

  • The fascia, or the boards along the roof’s edge
  • The soffit, which is the eave’s underside
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When the weather forecast shows a potential storm coming, you can be certain that your home will take a beating. If you’re lucky, the damage will only be minimal.

In some instances, however, the extent of the storm damage may be so grave that an immediate repair will be required.

As you start to settle after the storm, make it a point to check your home for any signs of storm damage. Make your list, and call a storm damage repair and restoration company ASAP.

The earlier you deal with the issues, the less the likelihood of an even bigger problem with your property in the future.

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