How to Prevent Termites From Ruining Your Home

How to Prevent Termites From Ruining Your Home


Left unchecked, termites can destroy a home’s foundations beyond repair in just two years. The tiny insects will also consume furniture and even money and clothes.

If you’re renovating your home, it’s an ideal time to check for termites and do your best to prevent termites from affecting the building. Here are some hotspots you need to watch for in your home.

Outside Areas

These include your roof and air conditioning unit. Check for broken roof tiles, where termites may be entering your home, and check for dampness. An air conditioner provides a warm, moist environment, which is an ideal environment for termites, so ensure that the moisture release of your air con unit is directed as far away as possible from the foundations of your home.

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The Attic

Your attic can be a hotspot for termites, and they can live undetected in this dark, lonely space for years. Many attics contain wooden beams which help hold up the roof and is a prime food source for termites. Check these regularly by touching the timber beams – it should feel dry and solid. If it begins to feel spongy, termites could be present, in which case you should call a pest controller right away.

Wooden Elements in the House

Many rooms, particularly in older homes, have exposed wood accents such as skirting boards, doorways and floorboards. Check these wooden features throughout your home with the thumb test, and keep a close eye on wooden furniture if you have any. Keep your wooden furniture away from walls wherever possible, so the termites are unable to spread to your home’s foundations.

If you’re suffering from an infestation in your home, then you should immediately investigate and hire experts in drywood termite control in Puerto Rico or your local state.

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Kitchen Fittings

The kitchen is another hotspot for termites with all the wooden cabinetry found in most homes. Check your cupboards and pantries regularly and test for termite activity; also keep windows and doors shut during swarm season, which usually takes place in the warmer months, although this may vary in different parts of the US. Make sure also to check drain pipes and plumbing, as a leak can create a moist, damp environment that is ideal for termites.

The Garden

Chances are there’s a lot of wood and plant matter in your garden, which is the perfect food source for termites. If you have any old tree stumps in your home, then remove them right away, as this is a long-term food source for termites and can sustain a large colony.  If you use mulch made up of wood chippings that often get wet in the rain, don’t lay it close to the foundations of your home, as termites attracted to the mulch could spread into your house.

Remember to stay vigilant and always keep checking, and be ready to call an exterminator at the first sign of trouble.

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