How To Use Your Christmas Tree All Year

How To Use Your Christmas Tree All Year
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    At the approach of every Christmas, it comes the time to purchase or get the tree down from storage.

    And then when the Christmas season ends, it's time to discard or pack the tree up.

    Is there another option. Read on!


Every Christmas enthusiast loves choosing the perfect tree to complement their décor. There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, and whether you prefer a real or artificial tree, you can find one that looks great in your favorite space.

However, it can be depressing to pack up an artificial tree right after Christmas and have to hassle with storing it until the next year. If you hate the thought of packing your tree up each, consider making the tree part of your everyday décor with these tips.

Use the Tree as a Display

Balsam Hill Christmas trees are beautiful and realistic, so its only natural that you want to showcase them all year long. Treetopia products are also great for year-round display due to their slender shape.

Regardless of which brand you prefer, you can use them as displays to showcase items you collect. Many items such as coins, figurines and seashells can easily be turned into ornaments you can use to decorate your tree.

Other items such as stuffed animals fit easily between branches, allowing for easy display. This is a great way to showcase different items you collect without taking up a lot of extra space.

Make the Tree an Accent Piece

If you have a white tree and modern décor theme, you can leave your tree up all year without decorating it and still use it as an accent piece.

The same is true if you prefer rustic décor and have a traditional green tree. You can even decorate the tree with birdhouses or rustic décor to make it a beautiful focal point that ties in nicely with the rest of your room.

look for: small bird houseslook for: hanging rustic decor

Create a Travel Tree

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, you can create a travel tree to hold mementos of your many trips. Keep the tree in your living room or bedroom and add a new souvenir each time you return from a trip. You can customize this idea to suit your preferences. Common items used to decorate travel trees are listed below.

  • Postcards:
    Buy a postcard from every city you visit and attach a string to it so you can hang in on the tree.
  • Souvenirs:
    Turn small souvenirs into ornaments by attaching them to a piece of string.
  • Ornaments:
    Purchase a non-Christmas ornament from every town you visit so you can decorate your tree with fun mementos from your trips.

look for: halloween ornamentslook for: easter egg ornaments

Decorate the Tree for Different Holidays

If you love decorating for each season or holiday, you may want to turn your Christmas tree into a holiday tree. This option allows you to easily create festive focal points for your favorite space for each holiday.

Decorate your trees with hearts and pink garland for Valentine’s Day or use Easter eggs and cross ornaments for Easter decorations. For Independence days, you can festoon your tree with red, white and blue lights with garland and decorations of the same colors. Use pumpkins for a Halloween tree or leaves for a Thanksgiving tree.

other valuable tips:

If redecorating for every holiday is too much for you, try seasonal decorations instead. Use snowflakes and snowmen ornaments for a winter tree or choose colorful flowers and garland for a spring tree. You can use brighter flowers or even flip flops and ice cream ornaments for a whimsical summer tree. Sunflowers and mums fit easily between the branches of a Christmas tree and make a beautiful fall tree.

There are many ways to repurpose your Christmas tree so you can leave it up all year long. With a little creativity, you can come up with a great design that complements your everyday décor and still allows you to enjoy your Christmas tree throughout the year.

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